Many, many pets

I’m still new to pet sitting and have done only 5 so far. I’m travelling and plan to have an occasional sit, but that one after another, as I want to have time to explore.

I’ve noticed sits by rescuers that have 8 or 10 dogs, plus cats and other animals. While they usually ask for couples, I’m quite shocked that people actually expect this kind of commitment, just in lieu of hotel. (in many places I can get a nice hotel for $100 and if I was working for money, I’d likely make more than $100 per day and I’d have the other 16 hours to myself).

Do some of you do those kinds of sits?

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To clarify, I would never consider doing this. I’m just wondering if some of you actually take sits like this

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I know those get occasionally picked up, but I couldn’t do it. I have a maximum number of heads, unless there are chickens. Chickens count as ⅕ of a head.


Some people do take such sits, but they’re a small slice of the sitting population. There was a thread on which folks compared the numbers of animals they’d cared for and there was a surprising number (at least to me) of sitters who’d sat dozens of animals at one time.

Personally, I’d never take such a sit. More power to those who do.


8-10 dogs? I probably wouldn’t…but I was looking hard at one that had 3 horses, chickens and 3 dogs just because I would have been open to a change and I miss horses. I’m guessing those sits are tougher to fill unless they’re in an idyllic location but different strokes for different folks.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to ask…if no one accepts the sit, then they know the ask is too much, but if someone does, that’s their business.


I’ve noticed these types of sits are more prevalent in certain countries where I imagine the homeowners take in strays that wander around. I also couldn’t do such a sit. Our maximum number of pets to look after is usually three.

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I know there are sitters who watch a lot of animals because I’ve seen the posts in the past. 3 dogs even for our family is quite a handful. In the future we have decided to do 2 dogs or less. So far the cats and rabbits have been the best. Plenty of time to play with them, feed them, clean them, and I can still get other work done and take a few hours to drive around town

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I personally wouldn’t take a sit with that many animals most likely. But there are people that would and wouldn’t have a problem with it.

While I can’t know the mindset of any HO who posts a listing, I imagine the ones whose sits have more extensive responsibilities than a ‘typical’ one aren’t purposely trying to take advantage of the free exchange. And even if they were, no sitter is being forced to do it, and anyone who applied is clearly willing, and would need to take responsibility for their decision if it didn’t turn out well or they felt it was too much for them.

I think HO’s of all needs have the right to post here–what some sitters might see as too much responsibility would be perfectly fine for others. There are lots of different types of people on the platform with different preferences,etc…

If a HO had trouble finding sitters on a free exchange basis because of extensive responsibility, then they may need to consider paying someone. But it is understandable to look somewhere like here first since they may find people who would happily do it.


Hi @Varinia. Welcome! 5 sits is a really solid start! I’ve done only 4 myself (on TH).

Here’s one topic people may recall:

Personally, I would consider 8 cats, even vs 1 dog. Depends on the details.

Also, for dogs, I’m reminded of this photo in the LA Times:

That photo launched Cesar’s career. People who are good with animals are beloved.

Side note: I had difficulty finding the forum topic for “record-breaking sits.”

What didn’t work?

  • searching for “most pets in one sit”
  • tweaking advanced filters for that search

What worked?

  • search for crap. E.g.: “jwe;flwkje”
    • it’ll say “no results found.” Then it says “try searching with google instead” and gives a new search box (that sadly looks just like the earlier one)
    • in that box, search for “most pets in one sit” and click the “google” button
      • there it is at result #3!

Summary: Search in the TH forums is not akin to google search. Try both.


Hi @Varinia & welcome. We’ve done a crazy big animal sit and loved it (details on @geoff.hom’s thread) That said, when we see 11 dogs or 13 cats it’s a no thank you very much and we’re off! Everyone has a limit and a fit and that’s the beauty of being on THS. Enjoy :raised_hands:t3:


We have done a sit with 8 dogs and 4 donkeys. It was totally fine. The dogs didn’t need walked, they roamed around and ran around on the big property. All we had to do is take the donkeys inside at night. There was somebody who came to take them out, feed them and clean the stables.
We’d sit for them again!

We also looked after 5 indoor and 6 outdoor cats near Istanbul. All we had to do is feed everyone, so again, no biggie.

It all comes down to the “tasks”. Sometimes 2 dogs can take up more time than 5…


We did a sit with a dog and twenty sheep - The sheep were very easy to take care of.

I saw a sit listing yesterday for 17 rescue cats yes one seven cats and the requirement that you let them sleep with you. It might suit some people but not me. No way, no thank you!

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Out first sit with my husband was petsitting for 20 rescues for 1 week. We mainly chose it because we were trying to get started and receive our first review so we went for that sit that had no applicants at all… obviously :joy::joy::joy:. It was an amazing experience but highly demanding. Now we don’t accept more than 2 big dogs or 3 medium size, especially considering that if 1 of us gets ill, the other one should handle the pets on their own and walking more than 3 dogs would make it a bit complicated. Having said that, we know people who have experience looking after farm animals or even have a farm or rescues themselves so they would be more than happy to accept those kinds of sits with numerous animals.


I agree with dogs being more time intensive. I probably wouldn’t mind a bigger number of cats, as they’re pretty self-sufficient. I’d also love to take care of some donkeys or a number of dogs that doesn’t need walking. Your sit sounds good, actually.

I guess, to me it’s about walking many dogs. I love walking, but I wouldn’t enjoy doing many of the same walks several times a day, so that all of the dogs get walked. It would become a chore.

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Omg…while I do feel that cats take less work than dogs and I’d be more likely to accept more cats than I would dogs, having 17 of them sleep with me would also be a no-no for me

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Personally I do think it’s a bit cheeky to advertise for a sitter(s) with so many animals and have been surprised to see some being taken up. I usually have only 1 or 2 dogs at a time, sometimes there might be cats as well but they’re easy. Tomorrow, however, I’m having a video call re a sit with 3 dogs (one is elderly so doesn’t need walking), 2 cats, chickens and 4 Pygmy goats. I have my list of questions as need to feel I can handle the 3 dogs in particular.


I did a 10 rescue cat sit in a small 2 bedroom London terrace house a few years back. Feeding time was quite something as there were half a dozen different food/medicine combinations to be dished up at once. The odor in parts of the house was overwhelming too but otherwise it was ok and I think only a few of the cats slept in the bedroom and they were pretty sweet. Not sure I’d do it again but it filled a gap in the schedule at the time.


Same, also sheep!

Yes, it’s the smell that would be particularly offputting