Shouldn't there be a limit on how many animals one looks after for FREE?

Sorry but I think this is a bit cheeky personally! I can’t believe TH would accept this. In addition my Public Indemnity Insurance won’t cover giving medicine to dogs - so people need to check theirs for this reason too!


This might be someone’s idea of heaven. who is to say…


I had to look up the insurance type you are quoting. It’s for self employed business people! Why would I have it?

Re the listing. It may be some sitters dream. Our is not to reason why, just ignore and move on if it’s not for you.


It’s called “piece of mind” - and I’ve had a HO that was very thankful I did have it when she had two dogs, one of which was not insured and due to an injury I was able to claim for her!

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Hi @claresitsdogs I believe you will find this listing is no longer active on the site … if it is please forward the link to me by Direct Message … Thank you @Lindsay … apologies for this first message we had held this listing to begin with and I thought it’s approval might have been in error … subsequently:.

We have been in communication with the owner who assures us that all the dogs are pets, this is not a kennel environment. There are other sits on the site with multiple pets of course, one currently with 12 horses, 6 sheep, 12 chickens, 2 dogs and 6 cats.

The owner is a passionate dog lover and wants the very best in home pet care for her beloved dogs, she has been totally transparent about the number, their care and her expectations giving sitters the choice of whether they apply or not.


From the listing “The size of outside area for them to play on means that it is not a requirement for you to walk the dogs.” - that’s good, it would be a full time job otherwise!

The pups do look adorable but 18 is a bit much for me :rofl:

I can not see them getting many applications but one persons nightmare is anothers dream. If it is not for you, don’t apply and let another sitter have the opportunity.


Peace of mind for who? I’m not suprised the homeowner was thankful - Using your insurance to cover their pet!


Our first sit ever was looking after 20 dogs in Thailand. It was the best experience ever. It was challenging but we loved it. I choose to believe that pet owners out there have the best intentions at heart and are just wishing to find the right sitter for them. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but that’s the nice thing of free will right? You may choose to apply or just disregard the listing.


It’s not as challenging as dogs but we looked after around 20 different birds on one sit and loved it. It may have seemed daunting to some but the owners had an excellent routine with them and it was one of our most memorable sits. As others have said, the sit could appeal to some people


I find this is a difficult one to judge.
I’ve seen some advertise with a large number of cats or dogs that the home owner explains as rescued & they sound very loved & cared for priorities.
On the other hand yes there will always be others who will look for “free help”.