Thoughts on follow up submissions

Hi Everyone,

Do people normally follow up with the HO after they’ve submitted to check in? Just a “Hey, I hope everything is going well with the process, hoping to hear from you soon.” ? It’s generally something I would do, but want to make sure it’s a thing here or if I would be weird. :slight_smile:


No, we don’t. We submit a detailed application, it is then up to the HO to review and decide if they want to continue chatting with us. I feel it might be overloading their inbox if we send follow-up messages. There is another thread currently going about how long to wait for a response before moving on to other applications…it seems 3 days is an acceptable time. Of course it depends on how desperate you are for the sit :laughing:

hi @dana_sitter ,

My opinion may not be very popular here but I LOVE when applicants reach back out with a “hey, just checking in” follow up message. I’m a new parent and while I really try to get back to applicants in a timely manner and nail down a time to schedule a video call sometimes it just gets missed and a follow up message is very much appreciated. I would say most applicants don’t do this but when it does get sent it really stands out to me in a positive way and is not weird at all. Hope this helps!

We follow up after 2 - 3 days with a simple note asking if the HO has any questions of us or if they would like to chat further about us caring for their pet(S).

The two or three times I’ve followed up, I’ve gotten the sit. So I highly recommend it. (I usually wait about two days for a response before my follow-up.)

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