THS Anniversaries for house-sitting -Reflections

The anniversary of my first ever THS house sit is coming up. I’d like to post that day about what I’ve learned and gained from my first year with THS.

I would love to hear from anyone else about your reflections on this adventure and journey we all share…. Like your highs and lows, funny anecdotes, growth, life changing moments etc. :two_hearts:


Happy anniversary @Purdie ! I have learned that I LOVE this lifestyle. From reading the forum and learning from others’ good and not-so-good experiences, I have been able to compile a pretty good list of questions for owners that help me decide if the sit is a good match and if so, ensure that I’m well-prepared.

Other things are that I can get around on public transportation and that I’m strong enough to lug 40 pounds of baggage up and down steps, if necessary. I have also learned (and I knock wood, here) what to look out for so I do not walk into a bad situation, re. dirt, difficult animals, difficult owners. And the friends I’ve made sitting and here on the forum are so special.


@Purdie I just passed my one year anniversary of housesitting a couple weeks ago. It’s been a wonderful adventure. One year, seven countries, 23 sits, and 37 pets!


Wow @systaran that is very impressive! :trophy:

Wow @systaran! That’s inspiring and impressive. I’ve only done my own country so far - 18. As a solo female sitter, would feel nervous to go abroad alone. Who knows though…? One day… :heartpulse:


@Purdie I’m a solo female traveler. Although, my daughter (a university student) joins me when she has breaks. But, I’ve been to many countries on my own. There are some countries I might not go to alone, but most countries are safe for women traveling alone.


Thank you for posting that @systaran! So encouraging AND inspiring. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:.

I think i might see if there is another thread on female solo sitters. If i read enough of your success stories I might pluck up the courage…

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@Purdie I only travel solo and always have. My most favourite destinations are third world countries and areas like eastern Europe or bordering almost Middle East. Health permitting, I am organising a trip to the 5 Stans next year. I seek out off the beaten track places and despise big cities. Love LOVE south east Asia. I have been to Egypt three times for months at a time and I think I am up to 55 countries in total travelled. I am starting to scrape the bottom of my bucket list. I Live and dream travel, it’s my entire life. I am in my sixties going on thirty and wouldn’t live any other way. So spread your magnificent wings and get out there and enjoy this amazing world of ours I say - whilst we still have one :joy:


@ziggy goodness! 55 countries. You must have seen a few things in that time. Now that’s a pretty amazing and different way to live. Do you mind me asking what age you were when you first started? Or alternatively how long have you been travelling for?


@Purdie I would be writing all day to explain it all lol Basically, I left home at 17 (long story) and that’s when the bug bit. I started travelling then and first stop was New Zealand but I stayed for two years. The rest of my life and travels are way too much to talk about but I started really travelling long term in 2012 and have been on the road permanently since 2019. I have hit a few bumps recently health/physical wise but I will be travelling until I can no longer walk and they drop me in that hole - or oven :joy:


Today marks the anniversary of my first THS sit a year ago.

And my how the time has flown! Anyone else think that time moves faster when sitting?

I have gained so much from this experience, having only intended to do a couple after my last pet died. A year on, and I’m unexpectedly living a totally different life, thanks to THS. Have only done southern UK sits (I’m a Londoner) so far…

I have learnt to deal with, and expect, the unexpected. To understand how in some ways we are so similar and in others so different. That a dose of tolerance is really useful. That I need to get over it, if I arrive and have to do a big clean. How very interesting and inspiring other THS folk are (both my HO’s and other HSs). That I am a doggie person AS WELL AS a kittie person - who knew!? That I am fine in the middle of nowhere, entirely on my own (except for the furries) and actually like it, never feeling lonely. I can deal with more than I realised. That nature and animals are great company, even without humans around. And most of all, that we need surprisingly little to be very happy.

Am incredibly grateful to the generous community on this forum, who share readily and teach others and who have helped me and others prepare for their own THS journey. Without you I’d have been clueless. It has been the single biggest contributor to having a great over all experience. And also for the humbling kindness and grace of some lovely HOs. They have been an honour to meet and it’s a privilege to call some of them now friends.

Have collected some funny anecdotes along the way and fallen in love with many adorable animals who I still love and miss. There is just nothing like their totally unconditional love and eventual trust.

Oh and an anniversary bonus today, was meeting a fellow sitter for the first time, for a cuppa. Thanks @Shella_in_the_Forum, for making it here.

I’m writing this from the south coast of England, sitting in a little summer house behind the church and harbour. With a little kitten kneading and nibbling my arm and making squeaking sounds… I’d better go feed him…

I would love to hear any of your anniversary stories and reflections…

Bets wishes to all :heart:


Been solo traveling since 1979.
Do your research, follow those doing what you want to do. Expand your circle of friends, hangout with the brave who are doing it vs those clinging to the familiar. Don’t listen to anyone who is not in it.
Expose yourself to the new and watch what happens. Keep your plans to yourself.
Someday is today


Very wise words @Amparo!

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We’ve been sitting with THS since 2010 …

August 15th this year marked the 13th Anniversary of a sit in Barnes, London … Teazel the cat was just 6 months old when we first cared for her … 13th Year but 11th sit (The Pandemic caused a slight hiccup for two years)

We’ve had many wonderful times there, it really is like going home. The PP/Owners are the very best.

Over the years and with their full permission, we’ve had the use of their home for filming, live BBC Q&A broadcasts, photo shoots and more. They were always happy to help spread the message of a pet care option that has changed their lives.

Being able to spend time away from Teazel and their home every summer with absolute peace of mind is something they appreciate more than they can express and as sitters we have an adorable kitty who does remember us. 4-6 weeks in a lovely home, a superb location just 30 mins from central London … a win win win!! :heart_eyes_cat: :clap:

10 years ago I left framed photos of Teasel for their two daughters they still have them in their bedrooms … happy memories.

Next August will be our 14th Anniversary …


I’m a solo traveller I used to get lost a lot thank goodness for google maps.occasionally I am allowed a friend to stay.but equally love going on flights to different places on my own.feel the fear and do it is to short .I’m a woman in my seventies.


Wow @Genevere. Jolly well done. So inspiring to read your post…:heart::pray:t3:


What a lovely post, thank you for sharing with us @Angela_L. And what a special bond all round.! An example of the adage you get out, what you put into it, right? :heart:

Which is your home country Angela, and how often do you get back?

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@Angela_L great and moving story Angela, I bet you never anticipated all that when you first sat there. Oh, and I can definitely call you “an old timer” :joy:

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This past June was my 5th year home and pet sitting anniversary. I became nomadic by choice in April that very year when I made the very spontaneous decision to retire, yes, I was beyond burned out. I was fried, toasted, disillusioned and over it. I just wanted it all to STOP.
I wandered throughout my home state alone relaxing, adapting to the newly found freedom for about two months before I decided to try pet sitting. I did not believe it was for me or that anyone would want me. I had also never thought about what life would be like without “work”. It had been so much a part of who I was, I thought.

In the first 2 months of sitting, I tested and stayed local, doing many repeat sits for a woman who travelled to Italy every few weeks. Her home had a huge outdoor living space with sofa, television, dining table, a screened in pool, all facing a 5 canal waterway. The two gorgeous cats, brother and sister, and I would often sleep outside in this wonderful delightful slice of paradise. In truth, I stayed there most of the time and rarely took off my bathing suit, if I wore one :woman_shrugging:.
The pool itself had rainbow colored lights and the entire outdoor area had strings of lights that sparked and danced on the waters.
During the day, I’d watch boats, manatees and dolphins playing.
It was at that time for me the best medicine, the most healing beginning of my new life.
Since then I have done over a hundred sits, countless cats, a few very loved dogs, birds, ducks, chickens and even learned how to tend to sheep. I still do many if not mostly repeat sits in various countries, places I enjoy being in. I am not a tourist, not at all.
I simply love the serenity and joy I have found meeting, talking, listening to the most extraordinary interesting people, who were nothing like the people I had known before. The things I have learned from them, not just the HO but strangers I have met on the way are priceless. Kindness and compassion I never knew. The animals and plants, well they generated tremendous joy and satisfaction, still caring and helping, just different.

Back in the day, whenever I put my stethoscope on, I would feel myself transform into this role I associated so much of myself with.
Now it’s my walking stick and my backpack.
I have had more thrilling highs than lows. I am human. I have been disappointed, lost more times than I remember. The highs make the lows disappear, usually getting through a bad moment is the high! That moment you realize what you just got through or when someone out of nowhere shows up and offers the right words, directions, a smile…
My own personal pursuit of happiness is exciting and I never imagined for one moment the unbelievable and truly incredible things that have happened to me. I have now been to 10 countries, have dual residency in two. I have friends across the world.
I can’t wait to see and feel what comes next.


Six or seven years sitting. I have become more picky nowadays. I know what we are looking for and our red flags are becoming instinctive.
Saying that, I have lost count of the number of friends we have made and the number of animals I’ve fallen in love with. I think we are over 100 sits now and every single one is different. It’s a great life when everything aligns but it can be **** when it all goes wrong. I’ve learnt to read between the lines and ask probing questions. I love this life and think we will continue until one of us drops.