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Should you trust a house sitter from the internet.


“She expected the platform to ban them, even though Kasia had arranged the sit with them via Facebook.”


(And messing up the settings of a Smart tv… that is something that I may have done too.)

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“[Trust] comes up in every [marketing] video, all the time. It’s very deliberate how they use these trust cues.” (Quoted from article).

THS offers some great experiences for both sitters and home owners, as long as both understand the limitations of their involvement in the process. The success (or failure) of each sit ultimately comes down to the individuals involved. Rather than putting your trust in a brand that has no real means of vetting or accurately assessing a member’s trustworthiness, and is unable to offer significant recourse when things go wrong, use THS purely as a platform for meeting potential sitters/home owners, and use your own life skills and gut instinct to assess whether or not to trust an individual.


I just saw this story from ABC Australia. Feels like they were creating clickbait and performing a hatchet piece. I hope the story goes quickly, it was very slanted and unprofessional writing.

Speaking as a satisfied TH owner.


98.7% of the time yes. The article, just like Reddit and Facebook are going to focus on the negative. Saying that though, THS should stop hiding its data and should be more transparent regarding metrics and conflict resolution. Let’s see how this post gets moderated.


I took that to mean Facebook Messenger was used to sort out the details. In my experience, people use Messenger or WhatsApp once the connection has been made on the THS website.

Agree - and I think this was the point of the article, THS facilitates the initial contact everything else is up to the individuals involved.

Yes, using Messenger or Whatsapp for the videochat is standard.

I interpreted it as that this Kasia had found their sitter on a Facebook group. Because it is cheaper that way, it is not uncommon that people use the FB groups for that. Disadvantage is that one cannot see reviews of previous sits.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: Only a while ago, THS was proudly announcing to the world about their trusted members being vetted, insinuating their trustworthiness and consequently attracting thousands of new members. Thousands and thousands of new members later, THS seems to be backing out and can no longer assess accurately members’ trustworthiness. How interesting

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Indeed that is still the impression given from front page of THS website .


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I’m confused.

You routinely block posts that you deem negative.

Can you please confirm what posts you are blocking and what you allow to the larger community.

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Hi @Tanya2024

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Thanks so much for the clarification!

There seems to be carve outs and then further carve outs for what can be posted.

There must be a lot of work blocking the posts that break these rules!

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As a published author myself, I understand very well the importance of crediting the right source, so thank you for flagging it. I have now thoroughly reviewed the entire article, and you are correct—the quote does not originate from the ABC article.

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