Tibetan Terriers - Can you help?

Hi Community …

We have a Team Member who is doing research on the Tibetan Terrier as a possible new addition to their family, having sadly lost their beloved rescue boy a few months ago after being part of their family for 12 years …

Have you had experience with this breed either as a pet parent/owner or a sitter for instance are they good family dogs, easily trainable, calm and loving temperament, high energy etc.,

Update: Our team member will be welcoming a new Tibetan Terrier into their family very soon. :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A big thank you to those members who shared their experiences with these lovely dogs, we will leave this post in place as it could be a valuable resource for breed information.

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 12.52.25 PM

Photo Credit: www.selectadogbreed.com

There are numerous breed resources on line of course answering all of the above but nothing can replace hands on, in the flesh, living with experience feedback.

If you can help please post here or feel free to Direct Message me if you’d prefer.


I housesat a Tibetan Terrier (Dougal) for 5 weeks, it was my second sit. I’m sure his owner Rose would talk to you or the team member. I’ll ask her if I can pass on her number and dm you. It might be a while as I’m about to go to bed (I’m in NZ & 13 hrs ahead of GMT)

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity I’ve just dm’d you

We housesat a TT for a few weeks last year. We found him to be incredibly intelligent and equally naughty. We had a lot of fun with him but had to watch him at all times.
Good luck!


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@Angela-HeadOfCommunity maybe you could close this as your colleague has now made a decision?

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Hello @Smiley - Angela is offline at the moment. Thank you for contributing your Tibetan Terrier knowledge. It might be worth keeping this thread in case someone is interested in the breed in the future? However, Angela will let you know when she is back. Best wishes Carla.