Traveling With Truck and Camper Trailer

Hi, We are considering using our truck and camper trailer to travel between house-sits. Has anyone experienced this? We understand it is likely rural properties are more accepting of parking- how about suburban? In the US.

We live in the old part of a small town, where parking directly at the house isn’t possible at all.
Our last sitters arrived with a camper van and friends of ours let them park it in their yard, which is 5 minutes walking from our house.
We talked about this during the video chat. The sitters asked if there’s an area where it can be parked. First we suggested a public parking lot.
A few days later when we had dinner with our friends, who are also our emergency contacts, and, because their house is right next to the suggested public parking lot, which is used by students of the school close by, we asked them to look out for the sitters. They offered their yard for the camper, because they see the way the students park their cars daily, and they said there might not be any space to navigate it during school hours.

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Hello @sherkev2 and welcome to the community forum. I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions from sitters who can relate to your question. It would help if you give an idea of your location (country/state/province/county, for example), as it may allow for more specific responses. Given you used truck, I’m guessing you’re in the US but I don’t want to make assumptions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We live in a planned community with an HOA that prohibits RVs and campers from being in driveways or on the street … I suggest that using that equipment is something to explore with your home owner during the application and interview process rather that to surprise them with on arrival. E.g., our listing makes it clear that it’s not an option for sitters at our home.
Have safe and rewarding travels!

Hello @sherkev2 and a warm welcome from us all here in our friendly community forum. You’re off to a great start, asking questions to get a better feel for how TrustedHousesitters works and getting feedback on your logistical questions from pet parents and sitters. Well done.

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