Hi members, nice to meet you​:blush::hugs::sparkles::dancer:
I am originally from Austria and decided last year to sell everything and travel round the world for at least one year. I’m a mum of adult twins, work self employed and since two years 90% online which gives me the freedom to stay where ever I like to and explore the world. One of my sons comes after me, studying and travelling all over the world, the second one is safely located in our home country and lives to work as a police officer. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I run successfully two different businesses which is a Coachingbusiness and Digital Entrepreneur since more than 30 years.
Beside that I am very spiritual, which means that I am not superficial. I love
discussing life topics really deep and always seeking for the truth and stepping out of illusions of life.
I love nature, especially mountains and beaches and need sun. As a former competitive athlete I like doing sports outside like running, hiking, walking and skiing. I had 3 cats in the last 20 years but also love dogs and horses and other animals. Would say I’m not afraid to deal with any kind of pet but to be honest I don’t like reptils and spiders🙈
Most of the time I’m friendly, open, curious of meeting new places and people and also always willing to learn new things. Places I travelled in the last year was Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Tenerife, Mallorca, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mexico/Yucatan and Paraquay. I am open to go in a lot of other countries to make a lot of contacts and also new friends.
I am always open to share experiences and hope to get to know some of you also personally in “real” life​:smile::star_struck::sparkles:
Love to be here in this community and hope we have a great time together.


Hi @Travellady a very warm welcome to our Community Forum and to Trustedhousesitters.

Thank you for a wonderful introduction and for sharing insight into your life and travels we are sure there is much more for you to share, that is an amazing list of places visited since embarking on your world travels.

The team do have a couple of questions … Since beginning your full time travels what has surprised you the most and have you discovered any one place that you didn’t want to leave?

Should you have any questions about our pet and housesitting lifestyle please ask our community who are friendly, supportive, very knowledgable and always ready to help. There are conversations happening across the forum on many different subjects to view any of interest simply use the spy glass and enter any key words.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and welcome again.

Angela and the Forum Team


Thank you very much for the warm welcome dear Angela!

What surprised me the most was, that it’s also easy to do short term decisions and you find great places to stay anyway. Seems like the universe takes good care of me.

As there were some amazing places to stay, I love to go on traveling at the moment. The best place so far was in Playa del Carmen in Mexico, where I could definitely stay for a longer time. The beaches at the carribean sea are gorgeous. Saw some awesome houses directly at the beach where my eyes have begun to shine! Will come back for sure!

Have a great time and thank you for your interest in my stories.


Yes, if you haven’t been to Playa del Carmen you are in for a treat! It is so beautiful there…very crowded now but beautiful people