Two months in and loving it! Thanks THS…!

Hi everyone,

I am Jamie and joined back in Aug & had my first sit in Oct.

My world has opened up in a way I could not have imagined. I hardly went anywhere for 22 years because of my own 2 pets, who lived long & happy lives. I miss them so much, but it is a huge consolation that not only can I spend time with furry little ones, but that I can see a little more of the world. I work remotely and rarely take time off, so this is ideal for both me & the HOs.

All my adventures so far have been in the UK - N Wales, Wiltshire, South Coast and S Wales. I have experienced some challenges along the way and feel they are expanding me as a person. I am discovering how resourceful I can be!

It is so good to have this forum when I am on my own in the middle of nowhere, or if I just need some input. It is a great idea. It can be comforting to read that my own bug bears are similar to you guys out there (HOs not replying to heartfelt applications etc etc ;).

My ONLY downside is saying good bye to the adorable animals that one quickly bonds with. It’s so hard!

I’m off to Devon in two weeks and look forward to the next chapter. I hope to build up the confidence to get out into the bigger world out there & head overseas next year…. Just maybe… :wink:

Best of wishes to you fellow THS memebers out there, may you be Hos or sitters…

Jamie X


@Purdie welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting that first sit! It’s so nice when you finally get that chance to help out another family with their special furballs…and it sure looks like you have had some fun with ones you have tended to (I’m a goat lover and melt when I see those babies).

You are going to find so much help here on the forum from not only team members but also all the sitters and pet parents already on the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge that can answer most any question or concern you might have while sitting or trying to find sits…it’s just the best community!

I would suggest you go ahead and add your member profile to your forum profile here while you are at it. If you go to your Dashboard on the TrustedHousesitters site, scroll to your green profile box, preview and with that link, copy and paste to your forum profile here. you will find that other members can easily reach out to you.

Once again, congratulations and welcome! Make sure you share some great pics along the way!


Thanks for the warm welcome @Debbie! Hey I love goats too! Not had any goatie sits yet :wink:

Thanks for the link profile tip… will do…

Here is a pic from my first sit. It was very remote and amazing. I loved it !

Best wishes,



Hi @Purdie , ( Jamie) Welcome to the wonderful world of house/pet sitting and also to this group, it seems as if you are off to a flying start, well done!

We did our first sit in May 2021 and only had thoughts of sitting in the UK. In December 2021 we spotted a 5 week sit listed just outside Barcelona, we applied, were accepted, and spent a fantastic Christmas in Spain.

As I write this, we are now on our 31st sit - the first of four we have booked in New Zealand!

Good luck with your future applications, The world is most definitely now your oyster. x


Hey @Colin! Wow, how totally cool! And very inspiring. You guys rock.

Thank you for the warm welcome & encouragement.

Hope you have the best time in NZ.

Best wishes