Two week review period

My sit host and I have just missed the 2 week period to leave a review. 2 weeks is a very short time, there is a happy medium between the old system and 2 weeks. I request that the review period be increased to at least a month. Any thoughts about this?

It takes about three minutes to leave a review so personally I think two weeks is more than enough. time.


I think reviews are most useful when they have been written promptly after the sit has finished with the experience fresh in mind.


@Casasitter as a workaround for missing the deadline for reviews - If you are both in agreement you and the host could agree a sit for dates in the future ( e.g this weekend )- host invites you by private invitation you accept … and then afterwards you both write a review .

To ensure transparency you could both start by saying that the sit actually took place on xx date but as we both missed the review we listed these dates …


I agree with @Colin, 2 weeks is plenty of time


Sorry but I feel 14 days is more than adequate


Two weeks is long enough to find 20 minutes to write a review surely?

@Casasitter Why would you wait so long to write a review? Its always best to get it done quickly whilst the experience is still fresh. In over 5 years sitting, even with old system, we always got the reviews done- both ways- within a week or two. Nowadays even quicker. 14 days is more than enough time, even for busy people, to make the effort to write a short review.


While I completely agree that two weeks is more than enough time to write a review, sometimes (for the sake of argument) it’s not just a matter of the time frame for writing, but also the time needed to cool off and perhaps see things from another perspective, especially when writing about negative experiences.

Only three weeks ago, I completed an otherwise successful sit but got quite disturbed and annoyed by some details in our post-sit communication. I wrote a review in which I mentioned the “incident,” but thankfully didn’t submit it. Every single day, I worked on that review, changing bits and pieces each time. At the two-week mark, once I had cooled off completely, I read our communication again and realized there was absolutely nothing disturbing in it. I simply overreacted or had a bad day. By then, it was too late to post my review, so I am thinking of responding to her glowing review and apologize for missing the time frame and of course give her the 5 stars that she deserves.



Would you be responding and giving her the 5 stars she deserves had her review to you not been so glowing and only given you 3 stars?

The scenario you describe is exactly why the blend review system was needed

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Definitely, this was a five-star sit, somewhat overshadowed at the very end by my own inability to read, and my last version of the review reflects that.

There will always be exceptions, edge cases and such, but companies don’t need to accommodate every case. They’d never get anything done or make policies if so.

Most people can get reviews done in two weeks. For example, hosts have written me reviews even in such cases:

  • Had a major accident that led to them returning home early for surgery and other follow-up care.

  • Started a new job immediately after the sit.

  • Went to the funeral of a close family member immediately after the sit.

  • Rushed home early from abroad after their elderly and sickly dog had catastrophic seizures that led to them having their beloved pet put to sleep.

Two weeks is plenty for most folks. For others, maybe they can learn to deal faster. Or skip the review and alternatively write a reference instead, or reply to the other party’s review.

The two-week window allows better results in most cases, because without urgency, some folks will let things slide and/or get blurry on details. Bigger picture, companies usually make policies with the good of the many in mind, rather than a few.

Personally, I start making notes for my reviews in many cases before the sit even ends. So if for instance my hosts picked me up, welcomed me with dinner or such, I write factual bullets as my sit unfolds.


We do this too @Maggie8K our review is usually drafted and ready to go before the end of the sit .