Uncertainty Regarding the Two-Week Review Window

There is a 2-week review window. When exactly does the reviewing time end? Does it vary depending on the time zone? Wouldn´t be a good idea to have some kind of a countdown next to “Leave a review for …” so that members won´t miss the reviewing opportunity.

Ex: the sit took place in the CET time zone and ended Jan 10. What day and time will the reviewing be cut off?

Or at least a clear time in the reminder. Like: “Your time window to give a review will end at hh:mm XYT, which is in 28 hours and 25 minutes from the time stamp of this email.”


I think the best idea is for us all to leave reviews as soon as possible after the sit ends, not to leave it until the last minute.


very right, however, occasionally, in some situations it may not be possible

I would like to emphasize this suggested feature.

The “clock” which is ticking for the deadline to submit a Review is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) aka Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

There’s another post about this. The OP was told that the window is GMT, since THS is based in the UK.