Clarity on 14 day review period


I get that the 14 day review period starts on the day after sit ends, but does it run to the end ie at midnight of 14th day or the start of 14th day. Obvously taking account of time zones and aligning to UK time?.Thanks

I think I am right in saying it uses the UK time zone.

So as not to miss out, it is always best to do the review on the first day or two after your sit ends.

Leaving it to the end of the 14 days is always going to be risky.


So then, if a sit ends (ex) on Friday, Feb 9, the review period starts on Sat Feb 10 and ends on Sat Feb 24 at 11.59 p.m. GMT. No?

Thats what I want to know. I usually dend reviews within a few days, but the last sit was rather worrying, hence my delay

Only last night, on Feb 9, I had my review published—the sit ended on Jan 25. I’m not sure at what time exactly it was published. When I checked at about 10 a.m. GMT, it wasn’t there, but when I checked at 11:58 p.m. GMT, it was already there. I’m guessing it was published around that time.

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I belive reviews are published when both parties leave feedback at whatever time in the 14 day window. Thanks x

I think you have it correct, but just to clarify, both reviews are published when the second review is posted. If only one review has been left after 14 days then that review is published and the other one has missed theit opportunity to leave a review

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