Uninvited pet guests!

This made me laugh this morning. We have several cats here in France who frequently sneak in for a comfy place to curl up and sleep. One took me totally by surprise laid out on the bed like he had lived here forever! Not sure who jumped most :joy:

Any stories of uninvited pet visits ?


This has made me giggle @Vanessa-ForumCMgr

I’ve not got a sit experience, but in my old house our neighbour had 6 cats (yes 6!) and they were all gorgeous rescues from abroad. Now, as they were strays from Turkey, they were used to wandering in and out of buildings and finding a safe place to sleep They hadn’t quite grasped what a ‘forever home’ was yet, so it wasn’t uncommon for us to come home to find them quite comfortable on the sofa’s or even upstairs. We would walk in and they would look us to say ‘what are you doing here?’ or ‘welcome to my home’!

We wouldn’t have minded ( and secretly I quite loved it) but our own two cats were pretty put out having strangers breaking in daily, eating their breakfast and sleeping in their beds. A real Goldie Locks moment.

In the end, we purchased one of those catflaps that registered your cat’s microchip, keeping out the cheeky trespassers. Needless to say, we had some very sad faces peering in through the windows after that.


I didn’t spot Max at the bottom initially, which had me in fits of giggles again!!

That sounds so like our village in France… they definitely have “Turkish” stray tendencies. It’s a farming hamlet where we live so you can imagine how many cats come and (sadly) go. But the whole village seems to share the responsibility of feeding them which is really nice, as at first my concern was that might become dependent on us and suffer when we are away.

We had an injured cat (now called “LImpy”) who hid under the shed terrace for weeks and Ian fed him each day leaving food and water underneath. He now comes every morning and evening to the house for feeding, but it’s taken 2 years to get him not to run as we put the food out. Then we have “Stumpy” a ginger who lost a leg, and recently a beautiful new cat with gorgeous markings. All 3 now happily feed at the same time (outside), and frequently come into the house to explore and then quickly scuttle out. One gorgeous white cat too (who is owned by someone) who just appears in the house for cuddles every now and then… never eats anything. That was the one I found on my bed!

We’ve no pets on this long term sit so they’ve all become a welcome part of our fur family :slight_smile:

Have you seen the documentary about the stray cats in Istanbul?

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Oh this made me laugh!
I’m presently on a cat sit and here is my uninvited white cat. The homeowners warned me she loves to come in when the door is open, which is perfectly fine. She walks around like she owns the place. She’s like the irritating little sister to the one black cat! The good think is she hasn’t worked out how to use their cat flap in the evening, which is a blessing.


That’s definitely a cat at home @Therese-Moderator !! One of our homeowners once put a tracker on their cat and it was AMAZING to see the distance he roamed overnight. He was known for sharing owners but not over such a wide area!!

@Vanessa-ForumCMgr I totally get this as when I was younger, there was a small dog that would wander into our yard (back then no one worried about fences). If you left the sliding door open for any amount of time, you would walk into the room and find him snuggled up on the sofa as if he lived there. He was adorable so my parents never made him leave and our own furbaby played with him…win win for all!


Not a cat is but a wannabee house chicken!


@Vanessa-ForumCMgr I saw the movie. Loved it! [
Kedi (2016 film)

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In Tacoma, after I put my 2 kitty charges in for the evening I would get a visitor on the front porch.


Thank-you @ExploreDreamDiscover I couldn’t remember the name!
We are off to Turkey in December! That’s a very cute visitor indeed!

“Yes, of course I know that I don’t live here and I strongly suspect that you have been told under no circumstances am I to be let in…but if I sit here long enough? ( look into my eyes!!!)”


No unwanted visitors for us, however our last sit in the UK, we cared for two indoor/outdoor kitties. They had somewhat of a schedule for napping, eating, and roaming the neighborhood. While chatting with the friendly neighbor one morning, I found out sweet little Olive was pretty well known for finding her way into various homes, up and down the street. Folks would find her napping on a bed or couch in the middle of the day. Cheeky little sweetie!!!

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