Hello from Michelle, nomadic cat-sitter

Hope you are all well and enjoying life!

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and I was in Singapore when I joined THS but now I am a nomadic cat-stter in the UK and Europe. My details at THS is linked in my forum profile.

I joined Trusted Housesitters and nomador in Nov 2021 and I have enjoyed it immensely so far. I am just about fully booked for the whole period Dec 2021 through to Jan 2022 and so far I completed 10 cat sits in England. Next month I will go to London & Cardiff and then in June-August I will do three assignments in France and Switzerland (Basel).

I have set up a FB page which will focus on the various cats I meet on my travels in the UK and Europe since Dec 2021. So far, I only added pics of the first cat I looked after in London in Dec/Jan 2021 but I will add more soon (10 locations in England so far).

I also have an Instagram page which is more up to date than the FB page at the moment as it currently shows all 10 cat sits Dec 2021 to April 2022


Hello and welcome sister!
It’s a wonderful life.
Have fun @cat.tails


Hi and welcome @cat.tails thank you for a brilliant introduction and sharing your feline sitting success story.

I have a question there are people who’ve had little contact with cats and who believe they do not need company, that they are happy enough just as long as they have food, drink and a clean litter tray (if an indoor cat) … with all the kitty sits that you have done what would you say to that and who has been your favorite so far?

Oops that’s two questions.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

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Hi @Angela-CommunityManager

Some cats are happy enough to be left alone as long as they have food, water, and a clean litter tray. Other cats are more sociable and enjoy time together such as morning snuggles in bed, sitting together on the sofa while watching TV, sleeping on a human’s bed, or playtime with various toys. I love all types of cats, whether they are sociable or not. I love it when a cat gets under the bed covers with me!

The cat I am looking after at the moment follows me around the house because he is curious to see what I am doing. He also follows e to the bathroom when I shower - so cute!

I think that since the pandemic and various lockdowns, many cats have gotten used to having their humans at home more often than in the past, so that is perhaps what they are used to at the moment?

I cannot choose a favourite cat that I looked after so far - they all have their good points. There were two that were particularly adorable, but I will not name names!


Yep understand completely


I arrived at a sit yesterday, and my cat housemate Saffron is enjoying snuggling on the homeowners’ bed. Apparently it’s his favourite spot anyway, as it’s in a sunny location, but no doubt he’s also comforted by the familiar scent.

He regularly comes down and sits next to the fridge, which I’m told is his way of saying he’s hungry. Now I’m careful to make sure he’s not testing me, to see if I’m an easy pushover. The homeowner left me guidelines for feeding, so I’m onto you, Saffron. :wink:


this is more of a test post, to work out how to make a new post in this thread andl also how to post an image.
This is the cat I am looking after at the moment - he is on my bed not the owner’s bed :grinning:


Saffron is very handsome!

I have noticed that too. Often cats will sleep in their preferred spot which can often be their owner’s bed. Sometimes they “switch allegiance” and start to sleep on our bed when their owners are away!
And yes, often they will test us by trying to be fed more often than usual. Cats are smart, they know it is worth a try at least :joy:

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aww, such cute pics! Is that your own cat or a cat that you are looking after?

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New baby I’m minding for long term friends (repeat sit) in London