Unread applications and non responses

@meow and other HO’s im just curious as to the benefit of receiving say 40+ apllicants.
I completley agree that we manage things in different ways and I also appreciate life is busy, for some more than others.
But id like to know if HOs find a benefit to waiting & receiving more applicants.
Its sometimes good for sitters applying to understand reasons why they arent getting a response. Thanks

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For my dates in July I waited for about 6 weeks, because all of the sitters applying were kind of ok, but not exactly what I was looking for. They also weren’t unsuitable, and this is why I didn’t decline them right away…you never know if what I am looking for will apply.

I received 7 applications altogether and Number 7 was the sitter couple I almost immediately confirmed. I am usually a quick decider when the right person comes along, but I don’t want to make a decision when this is not the case.

What I wouldn’t do, however, is not answering the applications as soon as possible, and not telling the applicants, that I want to wait and, please, move on if another chance of a sit comes along.

I actually guess that the HOs, who have received 40-50 applications and don’t answer them, simply have other platforms they use and probably have completely forgotten about it

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Thanks @Düsenzofe. I dont think 7 is an unreasonable amount to choose from and the fact that you let the applicants know is definately being considerate.
I completely agree that sitters and HO often just need to find a “match” that works.

Thank you :blush:
I don’t think that those HOs waiting without responding to applicants are to be found here on the forum.


I’m still pretty new to this platform. I’ve liked a lot of homeowners, and hope some dates open up that I can apply to.

However, I have applied to 4 sits in the past 3 weeks. None… not one has even been read. They all still say “unread”. And it’s not like there are tons of applicants. Most have a handful of applicants.

So… my question is, do homeowners not check on their possible sitters? Why aren’t they as proactive as us sitters? Am I missing something?

Very baffled and curious about this.

I contemplated joining THS for nearly two years… but knew I wasn’t in a place to fully be available. But now I am… and I’m trying to not get discouraged.

Advice? Answers? Similar experiences?


Hi @Suebeehb Just a couple of things to keep in mind. If you ‘like’ a listing on the website, you will not be notified of any later listings they post. However, if the homeowner has a standard (which you can’t tell) or a premium (which you can see) membership, they will know that you’ve liked them. However, if you want to be notified when they next add a listing, ‘favourite’ them on the app and set your phone for notifications (see details in the link below) and you will receive immediate notifications. Being one of the first (or the first) to apply can give you an advantage with some homeowners.

Setting notifications on your phone (see #14 & #16 entries)

As for ‘unread’, note that if the message is read on the app/phone, it will still show as unread on the website. This has been reported to the THS product team for review.

Also consider setting ‘saved searches’ on your phone, to again receive phone notifications for areas that interest you.


I used to obsess about unread messages. So now, immediately after applying, I archive the message. Out of sight, out of mind. And then I move on to the next application. If the HO is too slow to respond and I’m already booked, that’s unfortunate, but on them.


Thanks for this information. I set the settings on my phone as the link showed. Also, when I said I “liked” them, I believe I am saving them using the heart option. If there is a different step to that I’d like to know. Thanks!!!

@Suebeehb Yes, I used the word ‘like’ as well, and many of us seem to use it. On the website the heart shows to ‘save’ it but then shows as a favourite. On the app when you click the heart it’s then saved under favourites.

@Suebeehb I wander if its worth you sending an email to member services just to check your applications have sent through ok if they all show unread.
@CreatureCuddler gives good advice, if you dont hear move on. Dont miss out other possible sits.

I’m not a HO. I’m just a sitter who thinks some of the functionality requests are getting a little out of hand. :slight_smile:

Some sitters seem to want the HOs to (be forced to) change /present a false front instead of just avoiding / withdrawing applications from HOs who aren’t to their liking. Let HOs be who they are and make your decisions based on their true colours.

There’s a fit for almost everyone. I don’t mean true colours in a negative way!


So I have a situation after reading this entire thread where I have “liked” (Favored by clicking the :heart:) a sit and from my understanding IF the HO is a premium member I should receive a notification when they post a new sit. I just went through my Favorites and see this one has a last minute sit but never received a notification about this one. So I’m assuming that the HO is not a premium member, then I lose out on any notifications because of this. Why was this developed this way??

Are you using the app on your phone? Notifications come through as soon as a sit is listed. I am not a premium member but I get notifications on my phone from all owners, premium or otherwise. Also, check your phone settings are set up to (oops) receive notifications from the app!

I get something like this with a ping noise, and when I click on it automatically opens the THS app on my phone with the sit details.

I Don’t use my cell phone, just my iPad for THS. I find it redundant to use both.

The app can also be used on the iPad. :wink:

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I’ll try it and see what happens.

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You won’t get the dog photo tho, they were mine… :rofl: :joy:

@LynKinn I learned this difference the hard way - after I had spent time on the website liking various sits. I’ll just mention that I don’t think, after you’ve set up your phone, that the ones you’ve liked on the website will then generate notifications. I think only those you like directly on the app will send the notifications, so you may have to repeat the likes.

Vanessa has captured great images for the phone settings. I’ll add the link below - look at entries #14 & #16.

Phone settings for notifications

Just a tech-question please: I am using a laptop - a proper computer, not a mobile phone app - and I was never aware what happens when I click on the heart (I guess that is a “Like”) and I also didn’t know that you can “save” certain ads. Where can I find a description of all these technical features?

One feature I would be very interested in would be: Getting a notification when a HO who is listed with “currently no dates” decides on a date to travel away and the ad becomes active. This is because I am very interested in visiting certain countries/places and am flexible in terms of the dates.

This is what @Snowbird was telling you about. When you use the app and “like” a listing by clicking on the little heart :heart:, then you will be notified as soon as the HO posts new dates. This is not the case if you only use the website.