Unused Premium Refund

I signed up to THS a year ago on. Premium plan but haven’t had a single sit yet. Can anyone advise how to request the refund - I’m sure this was mentioned if we don’t use it?
I’d like to continue using the service but potentially start at the end of the year/early next year. Should I cancel no and restart when I’m ready? Would they refund this year if I was to continue the memebership? I tried to ask directly but had no response.
Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or knows any more than I do?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Has the refund option not got to be claimed within a couple of months of joining?
Itll be in the T&C somewhere.


How many sits have you applied for? I don’t think theyd refund it if youve just ended up not using it. The t&cs say that if you’ve done 5 applications and not been successful you can get a refund, but it has to be within 14 days of that 5th application I think


Welcome @HannahRW to the forum - if’s it’s too late to get a refund according to the T&Cs that @Colin has linked for you. There are some other things to consider to get your money’s worth from your membership.

Did you know that THS offers you ( Premium member ) dedicated support which is extra help and assistance to help you get your first sit ?
I wasn’t aware of this when I joined.
I suggest that you contact member services to ask for this dedicated member support to which you are entitled
either via live chat or by email

Also as A Premium member you are entitled to 2 x airport lounge passes - so make use of those if you can .


I have to admit, the wording is confusing…

“With our Sitters memberships - those that are based in the UK can receive their money back if they have been unsuccessful in confirming a sit within 14 days of making their 5th application.”

Does that mean a new member sitter must make 5 applications, and, if from the fourteenth day of the fifth application has not secured a sit then they can claim their money back at any time?


a new member sitter must make 5 applications, and, if after making 5 applications and has not secured a sit then they must claim their money back within 14 days of having made the fifth application.


The answer to your question is yes.