Use of car in British Columbia, Canada

We are looking at House/Pet sits in British Columbia. Canada. We usually use the pet parent’s car when we have sat in the US. Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. I have NOT seen the owner’s offer use of their car in any BC postings. Does BC have restrictive rules or regulations on the insurance policies? Is there an option to be added to owner’s policy? Does anyone have experience with this in BC?

I was loaned a car in B.C. (not via THS) without problems. The owner checked with their insurer and they said they just needed to give me permission and make sure I had a license. Of course, every insurer and policy might differ.

At the time, I asked the owner to write a letter saying I had permission. They lived abroad and could be hard to reach, with a big time difference, so I didn’t want to potentially end up in a jam because of that.

They also loaned me their vacation home, so I had all of their keys and alarm code. Their neighbors knew I was staying, so no one would call the cops if I suddenly showed up.

They were motivated to have me drive (even though I had my car from the U.S.), because they wanted the car to be run while they were away for long stretches.

Thank you Maggie. Your information is very helpful.
Enjoy your travels.
SaM Devine and David Nelson
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Hi you two! Hope you’re well :wink: