Use of owner's car not possible, renting too expensive, third option!

@LadyandtheTramp Wow and that’s a great idea as well! I have been to the US a few times but couldn’t do much because rentals are exorbitant expensive. I am going to look this up!:pray:t2:

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I am sure you will find one :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

In the five years that I have been doing pet sits here and abroad we prefer having a car so that we can explore a bit of the area that we are house sitting in. We generally like pet sitting in small towns and rural areas. I am almost always asked if I will have my own transportation as the pet sitters most of the time are concerned just in case there is a vet emergency. We have had two situations over the years where dogs have needed to get to a vet unexpectedly. Another time we knew ahead of time that two vet visits were needed and the owners did offer the use of their second vehicle.

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I understand that it is convenient to use the HOs car in rural locations but as Provence and Frances also mentioned, it isn’t that easy in Europe, because either the insurance contract doesn’t allow other drivers or wouldn’t pay if anything happened.
Here the insurance goes with the car, not with the driver and I have no idea how a sitter’s insurance might cover anything. Additionally, many people here drive company cars and only the spouses are allowed to drive. Even children over 18 can’t drive these cars, because insurance fees for new drivers are much more expensive than for experienced ones.

Even if it was possible to let a foreigner drive, our insurance system is based on accident free years. The longer you drive without having anything damaged the cheaper the yearly fee becomes. And if you do have an accident you go back to higher fees and it takes years to reach the lower level again.

These are troubles I think are not worth it for me.

But again, this thread isn’t about wether a HO lets the sitter drive their car or not, but about a third option when this isn’t possible and car rental is too expensive.

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Thanks for the helpful thread, @Düsenzofe.

I wasn’t sure if Mobility, the largest car sharing company in Switzerland, would allow those who don’t have a Swiss address to rent a car. But according to the FAQs page, all that you need is an email address and a credit card.

The website indicates that you’re allowed to transport an animal in the car as long as you use a carrier or blanket and remove any animal hair when you’re finished with the car.

Mobility has a trial subscription for CHF 43 for 4 months. This would be a good amount of time for most sits.

There are 1,530 Mobility stations in Switzerland. Many of them are at train stations and other convenient locations.


Wow, @Mary-Kay , that is very nice to know! Thank you for adding this information.


Scooter share companies also exist too which is cool. Our strategy if we can’t use an owners car is to choose a city where car rental prices are dirt cheap ($10-$20 a day). It takes research but we had great luck with this in Italy, Spain, and Cyprus. For example we rented a car in Milan for $10 a day and drove through 20 countries and saved a bunch. You can even use blablacar to help pay for gasoline and tolls. Also you can find really cheap/GORGEOUS countryside airbnbs too between housesits. And in some countries you can drop off the car in a different city for little to no difference in price. But in the USA we’ve had no luck with this as car rentals and airbnbs are ridiculously overpriced no matter the location.


It would great to have transport options added to filters. There is a sitters need car option. Why not a near rail station option and accesssible by bus?


Thank you all for your comments. I have picked up some really useful information :+1:

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Hi @IanK welcome to the forum and thank you for joining in the conversation, having member’s feedback is so incredibly valuable for the team and that is such a good suggestion .
Enjoy connecting with other members in our community and thank you again for being here.

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Good tip for sitters who only need a car for grocery shopping etc., but in case the owner requires the sitter to drive their pets around, it’s worth checking the T&C’s to make sure that pets are allowed and/or if there’s special requirements such as enhanced cleaning fees.

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For sitters in Florida
I will be out of the country for 6 months. I have a Honda CRV. Will be sitting in a parking lot. Anybody wants to rent? If interested please respond by Direct Message only …

Thank you.