Utah, Arizona or Nevada in February

Hi all.
We’ve been at THS for just over two years and we try to travel during our daughter’s school holidays to join travel and the company of amazing pets.
This year we are doing an awesome trip across the USA, using the THS through California, Oregon and Idaho. In the end we will return to Brazil on February 12th by Las Vegas. To go to LV we already rented a SUV.
We are planning to travel from Boise to Las Vegas through Monument Valley from the 5th to the 12th of February.
To make this journey even better, only with some pet friends along the way.

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If you’re not familiar with this group, it can be useful for road trips, because there are plenty of experienced road trippers who can suggest routes, sights, etc.: The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

The app iExit can be very useful for road trips, too, though some parts of where you’ll road trip will have few services.

BTW, in case useful to consider, Arches National Park is better than Monument Valley and might take you less out of the way. Of course, your trip, your choice.

I’m a big fan of national parks and have done a lot of road tripping cross country in the U.S.

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Hi Maggie, thanks for sharing with us.
We weren’t considering Arches on our trip, but now we will.
And we will check the groups you mentioned.

Thanks: D

Besides Arches and Moab, the rest of the “Mighty 5” often show up on travelers’ bucket lists: The Mighty 5 | Visit Utah.

And if you’re driving during that time of year, you might encounter snow. This app is useful for checking forecasts along whatever routes you might take — you input the location and when you hope to leave or arrive and it will give you that tailored forecast.

Hi! Our family of 5 (kids homeschool) used THS to travel from Colorado, Idaho, all throughout the PNW last Summer. Then we hopped over to Asia (mostly Airbnbs) but now we are cat sitting in Singapore and will be back in Seattle this Feb and I just lined up our first catsit for 2024. We will go down CA, Nevada, and back to TX. Traveling with the whole family is such a rewarding experience