Want to connect with other house sitters in London

Hello all … my husband and I are in UK finishing up a housesit and will be spending a few days in London Sept. 8th through Sept. 11th. Are there any other housesitters in the area that would like to meet for coffee or tea?

We leave for Madrid on the 11th for a month long housesit and will be looking for fellow housesitters to connect with in Spain as well.

Hope to connect with other fellow travelers. We hope you are enjoying your time sitting as much as we have!

Happy Housesitting!

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Hi Gina
London is a big place, so whereabouts are you?
We are currently in St Albans, a lovely city about 25 minutes out of St Pancras.
We are probably coming in to town tomorrow or Thursday to have a mooch around St Pancras, there is Abbey Road studios and the zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles, and 221b Baker Street and a Sherlock Holmes museum, not to mention Regent’s Park
Any interest,?