We need a Rewriting Application Feature

After several aplications that because we have a rush to apply after the only 5 people can apply for a sitting. We reallllyyyy need a feature that allow us to change the message after we have sent it. This would help us a lot of times, because of any kind of mistakes and avoid so much trouble

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I’ve had the same issue! It takes me awhile to gather my thoughts and I rushed on a couple of recent applications and immediately regretted sending them lol Like there’s no way they’re picking me with that nonsense I just spewed :joy:

What I’ve started doing instead is just click on “apply” and leave the page open!! Even after the 5 applications fill up, it’ll still push your application through even if you don’t hit submit for hours, days etc! I’ve done this a few times to buy me time to search up travel options and actually write a decent message!

What has been suggested here before is to write a very short message saying you’re applying and will follow with a proper application. Once you’re one of the 5 you can send another message,


Strangely I have found that hack has stopped working for me recently. May be browser specific.

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Oh noooo, I hope they didn’t find a way to block it! I haven’t had to do it in a few weeks so we’ll have to see!

Slightly off topic, but …
@Megg I just wanted to confirm that so long as you have started an application, (click dates and start a message) in an open window/tab, even if the listing closes during that time, your application will go through when you submit. This feature is set to stay.
@Oztravels - please do check on another browser and also do email membership services, so they can investigate this further.

Thank you. Good to know. Possibly user error on my part.

It could be if you go to the original listing to check something then you’ve lost your place, so be sure to open a second, totally separate, page if you want to check anything

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Why not follow up with a proper message? As a HO, if I received an application that then got edited, I would be less inclined to consider the sitter than if I got a short message followed right away with a more thought out application.

Another consideration - I generally list my sits when I’ve got time to read and respond to applications quickly. If I’ve already read a message, I’m likely not going to re-read it and see the edits, whereas a new message will give me a notification.


Personally not keen on people being able to change messages after they have been sent for a number of reasons.
If you are on a computer you have plenty of time to write the application and still submit once you have started it. I type ‘Hello’ to make sure the system sees I have started applying and then do a message in notepad so I can see better and re-read it and then paste it in to the THS message system before sending. If you accidentally send just the Hello message while pasting in the full one at least you don’t seem too mad and can follow up with the full message in another one.
If you are on your phone maybe just send a greeting and say you’re interested but are on your phone and your thumbs and the tiny keyboard don’t get along so could they look at your profile and you will send a more detailed message once you get home and a more friendly keyboard is available.


@cawosey Love this! Very clever wording.

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the feature could work before it got read. If the HO reads the message, you can’t change it. This could be something?

I’ve tried before correcting a wrong message, sending another one, but we always think the HOs would be bothered that we changed their names in the applications.

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I only use the app when sits pop up. If I want to apply to the sit, I quickly take my computer out to apply. Quite often when I find the sit on my computer, the homeowners are already “reviewing.” Is this the case for others? I hate texting as I am very slow (I’m old), Do I need to just apply on my phone when I see a popular sit? We are told management listens to us, but they obviously don’t when it comes to this awful rule.

@Karilil - I suggest that you use your phone to write - “application to follow” - and submit .

Having opened up the line of communication with the HO You can then buy yourself time to get your computer out and write a full application.

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Save a generic application on your computer, and when you need to apply for a sit, cut and paste it.
I use my previous applications, and cut and paste, changing names etc to suit what it is I’m applying for. Easy.

Ok I’ll try that next time. Thank you