We should have a save option for the application!

On other sites there are ways to save an application, so you don’t have to type it over and over. I wish this website/app had the same feature! Of course, you still have to make sure you’re not sending the wrong name to someone or putting in some information that doesn’t match the stay, but it still saves loads of time!

@thehappinesspig I would like to extend you are warm welcome to the forum, where you will find lots of helpful and experienced members that can help answer your questions, provide tips and advice.

You can also use the search (magnifying glass) to search for related topics and answer questions this way.

Here is a similar topic:

I also keep a basic template in my phone notes of things we require - like hi speed wifi to work from home etc and then copy and paste and personalise each one specifically to the pets and sit.

Best wishes Carla

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