Welcome Guide wishlist

I’ll get right into it:

  • Right now the “Veterinary surgery” contact info underneath the “Emergency” section is hard-linked to the “Veterinary Information” section under “Pets”. I can’t update one without the other being automatically updated, but my area has a normal vet with normal hours and a 24-hour emergency vet. Please either separate these or let me add optional additional vet info.
  • Right now the pet photos in the Welcome Guide are directly tied to the photos I put in the pet section of my listing. It would be very helpful if I could add private informational photos that aren’t also added to my public listing.
  • In general I’d also like to add new self-titled sections to my WG. I think it’s great to have the current ones as prompts, but I find that I have to shoehorn extra information into sections that don’t really make sense.
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While we’re wishing for something in the welcome guide it would be beneficial if the welcome guide was sent to the potential sitter in advance, say when the sit is offered, so they can read it before accepting. Especially since the Code of Conduct requires a sitter to follow all instructions in the welcome guide. It seems agreeing to do something before you have a chance of actually seeing what it is, is potentially problematic. It could also be versioned so any changes made after agreement are noted separately.


Also wish THS would ask HO to provide more info in Amenities. Often it only says Wifi. We want to take best care of pets, but also want info about where we sleep.

Hi @adelia

If, like others, you don’t like the Welcome Guide then write all of the information onto a Word Document and email it to the sitter.

@cawosey yes I do wish there was a watered down version with redacted security info that I could just click to send, or some additional text boxes to fill that would be automatically shared with anyone applying. I do try to be thorough about expectations in my video call without being overwhelming, but you never know if a deal breaker for someone is so normal to you that you don’t even think to mention it.

@Berna I have a habit of to micro-updating my listing and that is the only reason I knew about the updates to the Amenities section! Wifi already existed as an Amenity before the change so I bet all those HOs don’t even know there is more to add.

@Itchyfeet The info is communicated to my sitters, but I made this post in hopes that the mods could pass it along to the team because this seems to be the best way to get any traction (and to maybe collect any other wishlist items other users have!) There was a thread back in 2021 about WG suggestions that I didn’t think was useful to revive now, years later :slight_smile: