We're new: Any way to add VRBO for reviews?

We are new here. I found a thread about adding an AirBnB listing to show reviews, but we don’t use Airbnb we use VRBO. Is there any way to add that link so people can see we are decent people?


Hi @admoss3 - At the moment there’s only the ability to add your AirBnB and LinkedIn URLS. However, although it won’t appear as a link, you could add the URL into your profile with an indication that you’ve got reviews and activity on VRBO - I’ve seen other people do this frequently with links to blogs etc.

You can also add it into your profile here in the community for more exposure, either as a link in PREFERENCES / PROFILE / ABOUT ME or further down the page where you can post a WEBSITE link. If you need any more help with this let me know.

Hope that provides a work around solution for you!

I keep meaning to check VRBO out when looking for non-housesit accommodation - how would you say VRBO differentiates itself from Airbnb?

All the best

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We use both, but Airbnb is always my go-to for some reason. We often check same property on VRBO to check price. We rented a place in France and it was the same price on both site but VRBO’s take is less so we saved $100 by booking there instead.

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Thanks! I added it there. It can’t hurt!

We’ve been on VRBO for eons, since before Homeaway and when the IDs were only 5 digits long! But we just have a better experience with renters there. We tried Airbnb and didn’t like the interaction and ability to serve our guests. In the early days the Airbnb renters were also younger partiers, and that was not our ideal guest. We have a ski condo that is perfect for families or couples.


Thanks @admoss3 and @Kelownagurl - it’s so easy these days to get stuck with a app that’s easy that I now totally forget to look elsewhere and the service charges on Airbnb often make the property very expensive. I’m going to check this out for our next trip - need somewhere for my partner’s birthday surprise :pray:

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Another thing I try with varied success is to find accommodation on airbnb or VRBO or booking.com and then search to see if they have a website where I can book directly instead. Even an email address. Can sometimes negotiate a savings there.

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@Vanessa-ForumCMgr I do hope Ian doesn’t read the forum otherwise it will be a no surprise, surprise :rofl:

Aha, ok, sort of familiar with it as tis also known as Bookabach here in NZ & Stayz in Aus. I had to check out this vrbo thing to see if it was a small or large outfit.

It’s all a tangled web! Expedia bought VRBO and I don’t know who else, but I even had a person rent and pay for it with their hotels.com points. Crazy!

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We are talking Ian… he doesn’t surface on any online discussions anywhere :joy: :joy:

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Sure his name isn’t John? :rofl:

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