What a purrfect way to end the day exploring Bristol!

SO after walking around the harbour in Bristol and taking in a great street art exhibition at the M Shed, I found myself washed up at the Bag O Nails (and thanks to other forum members for the heads up) a quirky little pub that seats a bout 12 people…think sticky carpets and real ale enthusiasts! On International Cat Day, I wandered into possibly the only ‘cat sanctuary’ in the UK with about five cats in various states of repose along the bar and in the window…it was a sort of England take on a Greek island taverna! To top it off they had a vinyl record deck right behind me playing BB King and those cats were feeling the blues! I could have asked for a request…maybe Cat Stevens or the Cat People but did not want to push my luck so nosed my way out along the skirting board hoping to find a mouse morsel along the way! A purrfect day that confirms why I travel by spending time with all creatures great and small !


So glad you found, and enjoyed it xx

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@JackieX yes and thank you for that…quirky is to short a word!!

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