What are the official DATES that should be listed on a sit?

Scenario: homeowners will be away from May 10 to May 18. If they’ve asked me to come a day early (for meet & greet and orientation) and offered me the opportunity to stay an extra night (kindly and generously allowing me to not have to drive 2.5 hrs back home after 10 pm)

…Should they have the listing posted from “5/10 to 5/18” or as “5/9 to 5/19”?

I’m fine with it either way, but does THS want to keep accurate track of the dates for any reason? Do the posted dates have any influence on insurance or anything, that would incentivize the sitters to make sure that the dates posted are correct/accurate?

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@MissChef The sit only starts once the owners have left so insurance is not an issue whilst they are still there if you arrive the day before and stay an extra night. I always ask in either my application or video chat re the actual dates they will be away. I have a regular sit and the dates listed are for when they will actually be away, but I always arrive the afternoon before and stay the night they arrive back, mainly just to catch up as we have become friends.

Hello @MissChef, I think I can answer at least half of this good question :wink:
I asked a similar question in my thread “Combining couchsurfing with housesitting” and the admin answered that the day when you arrive should be included in the time period of the ad as being the day of “handover”, even if the home owners (HOs) still stay for another night. So, the beginning should be (in American) 5/9, that’s clear.
However, the insurance issue raised by @temba is another interesting question which has not been answered yet in this context.
About the end date, I am not sure, but I think that during your last night after the return of the HO you are merely their private guest, as your duties are over and you are free to leave on the day before, if you wish so. An admin can certainly answer this with certainty.

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The listing should have the actual days you will be present at the house. If you are arriving early and staying an extra day, the dates should say May 9 to May 19. Then those days will be recorded on your availability calendar and you won’t risk being double booked on the first or last day. You also get “credit” for the length of time you have been there.

I agree that the posted dates should be the dates sitters must arrive/leave but I would also like it if the home owners also included their leaving/returning dates/times right in the wording of the posting as well. If our arrival times are negotiable, they could say that as well, but include their parameters.

It’s especially helpful when one is applying for multiple sits that are linked together.

Maybe THS could add another section?


Handover dates/times (or something similar)




People do this lots of different ways. The best solution is for the HOs to simply describe how they are handling the transition. Unfortunately, not all HOs read this forum. :grinning:


I agree. That’s one of the reasons why I’m thinking a specific section in the posting might encourage them to discuss the various options.

credit… towards what?

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Not credit, per se, but it appears that you did a 10-day sit instead of an 8-day sit under your review.

Agreed. There are too many variables, too many personal nuances to have a standard template and/or expectation of “How it should be done”.
There is no set rule except the rules we make for ourselves.

These are things that should be discussed between the HO and sitter and even so those can change on a dime/pence :slight_smile:
Communication and flexibility is crucial.
Ideally the dates should reflect the expected arrival and departure date of the sitter but that is the ideal. Travel can be unpredictable.

Duration of the sit has no significant bearing. Anyone who is looking, comparing and keeping track is over analyzing and leaving very little room for truly enjoying the wonderful experiences to be had home and pet sitting.

Lighten up folks, this is supposed to be fun.