What are you reading?

wow, that sounds like a fun book to read! I will add it to my list now :heart_eyes:


Only if it was included as part of the welcome guide. Otherwise, just for future reference.

The inspirational story of Maggie, the Little street dog, beaten, tortured and shot 17 times, this little dog should have given up on the world.

But the world did not give up on her. With the help of her human friends, Maggie begins her long road to recovery and she begins to spread joy everywhere that she goes. :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I bought this book in 1987 and have not read it in a long time…it is probably politically incorrect! But….I love the section about “Letters from Santa to Children.” So funny!!

I am going to look for this book so I can guarantee a good cry…

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Just read another of Donna Leon’s Brunetti novels - Unto Us a Son is Given (2019).

I really enjoy this series especially as it makes me feel as if I am walking around Venice, my favourite city in the world.

I’m listening to this book on the plane and my heart is Breaking. How. An anyone be so cruel?

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@Debbie-Moderator My thoughts exactly

Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know Maggie had her own book. She’s very well known on social media in the rescue world and is such an inspiration. I’ll have to give this book a read.

Rescue dogs really are amazing, despite everything some of them have been through, they are so resilient and forgiving. My own rescue dog reminds me every day to be grateful and happy for the life I have. He was severely abused and lost one of his back legs, but he’s the happiest cuddliest loving boy. You would have no idea he lived a life of torment before being rescued.


@Julie-Moderator You are very welcome and yes definitely give this one a read.

Rescue dogs certainly are amazing! :dog::heart:

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I, too, enjoy Donna Leon’s Inspector Brunetti novels.

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I started reading on the plane and I am so appalled at the indecency of some people

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Princes of the Renaissance
by Mary Hollingsworth

covering the the various city-state dynasties of Italy roughly 1400-1550 and wow, there was a lot of intermarriage between them all! I admire the author for keeping track of it all.

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Nicky Campbell is a UK TV presenter and journalist, one of the popular programs he co-hosts is “Long Lost Families” … it’s exactly what it says on the tin, a program which reunites family members, some unknown to each other from birth.

Nicky was adopted and went on a quest to find his birth mother and can identify with so many of the personal stories told through the program’s episodes. Suffering with mental health issues for many years Nicky tells the story of how a dog called Maxwell came into his life at the right time, when he was needed and saved his human family member …

You will need Kleenex/Tissues


“Barking Mad” a really good romp through our pet sitter’s looking glass as told by one of our experienced sitter members … An easy read, with a few good laughs.

I promise you will recognize yourself coming out of the pages


Thank you for the recommendation @Angela-HeadOfCommunity I will definitely give this one a read :slightly_smiling_face: