What are you reading?

A few months ago I watched Show Horses on apple tv - I highly recommend it.

I have now started to read Mick Herron’s books on which the TV series is based. First up is the book Slow Horses - really excellent, Herron is such a wonderful writer.

Yesterday I bought book #7 which is titled Slough House. I think it is better to read the series in order but possibly not essential. A quick google search brought up this comment:

You don’t have to read the books in order as the author does an excellent job of weaving in essential information from previous entries, but I do recommend it.

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Hi @wendy_chicago the World Travel book by Anthony Bourdain is excellent :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Really sorry, but this has nothing to do with THS forum but would be ideal for book lovers site.

hello :slight_smile:
a lot of the stuff in the Fun Stuff category is not about pets, hosts or sitters but rather other things that we can do while we are pet sitting.

Fun stuff category is described by the mods as:

This is the place to share off-topic conversations and random discussions about all the good stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

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OMGOODNESS we find so much to do, even given my partner is partially sighted.

The book I am reading is so funny that I actually laughed out loud several times while reading it on the bus yesterday. Gary Oldman will be brilliant in it (as Jackson Lamb) when it is made into S7 of the Slow Horses series on appletv.

The book is #7 in Mick Herron’s series and is titled Slough House. I have read #1 Slow Horses and now I’m reading #7

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What are you reading on your current house sit?
I’m reading The House Sitter by Debbie Howells
(The House Sitter by Debbie Howells | Goodreads)

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I am reading this. Super fun crime book.

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Dear avid readers
Amazon is currently offering a four month trial membership of Audible.
I just added a plethora and I do mean a lot, to my existing library for free.
You do not need to be a Prime member.

Amazon also allows you to share your digital library (Kindle and Audible)with 2 adults and 2 children under 17 at no expense.
What you download free or paid is yours to keep.
I’ve been going through the stacks and shelves of my hosts here in the mountain cabin and was prompted to add some to my own library.

Have fun!
Definitely worth looking to see what may be available where you are.
Oh and tons of great podcasts!

@Amparo thanks for the tip, I’ll go check it out now :+1: I have been wanting to share my digital library from my Kindle but haven’t quite worked it out yet. Now I have a lot of downtime, I might try again. Happy reading!

I’ve just had a look and can only find a three month trial. Where do I find it please, mate?


Pic is worth a thousand words

In your Amazon account settings and you will see
Not sure about the audible offer. I just found it as an option when I was looking to buy a book.
There me be a link for sharing but don’t see it yet.

Ok I got 30 days free plus 3 months @595
I’ve already downloaded 27 and I am hooked on this fabulous podcast by Mel Robbins!
“Reinvent Your Life”


Thanks for all that! I’ll spend the afternoon looking at stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Travels With Charlie

I just downloaded this book onto my phone, thanks @Amparo Interesting site! Spent an hour trying to get it onto my Kindle with no success. Shall keep trying, never give up :muscle:

You can try the pdf version

Just received it on my Kindle, yaaaay :person_raising_hand:

I am reading a book by Pat Barker - The Women of Troy


This looks a good read. Thank you @cat.tails

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I have volunteered at 7 different Oxfam shops so far this year (inluding twice at the same bookshop in Cardiff). I can’t resist buying books while volunteering cos they always have such good selections… and even though being a full-time nomadic sitter I am trying my best to travel light :rofl:

My current read. As others here from the Book Club may remember, it’s another book by the lovely Bev Jones who joined us and spoke about one of her other books called Wilderness which is also now a major tv series on Amazon Prime.

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