What does "reviewing" mean under the search for sit?

Have you also noticed the drop-off in comments being whisked away @MissChef?
Perhaps it was just a too monumental task :wink:

Yes, marking them is the same as favoriting their post. That way when they list again, you are notified.

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Awesome thanks!

Okay, thanks, I pulled it up and will read it later! I’m definitely curious about learning exactly how the site runs and consuming any tips or whatnot about the process… I think I spent 6 hours straight on here last night/this morning reading everything I could and clicking around/creating my profile etc. :joy:


Hi guys! I was just about to click on apply and it put me into reviewing applications. In this case, there is no way of messaging the owner,right? It happened to ma many times these days that I finished writing my message in my notes and wanted to send it, and I couldn’t. It would be nice if there would be a ,sitter application process” or something.

First thing you should do is click “Apply” and tick the dates. Then keep that window open. Then you can read, decide, and work on writing the application. Your application may come in as number 6 or 7, but it should work.

That is easy in a web browser with the web interface on a computer. With mobiles, you may need two devices.

It is unfortunate that THS does not give these directions, for example in the box where it now says “Tell them why you are the perfect sitter.”

So this was yet another post that @Therese moved for no good reason. It is not creating the atmosphere of “welcome them to our community!”

Wish I’d known this before joining! This is not a good situation for me as either a pet-sitter or pet-parent. I’m going to ask for a refund.

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Good luck! You could argue that the language about “unlimited” is misleading when there is a general limit of five.

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Hi @Straykitten, I sympathise. Some of the set up currently makes not great sense and was better before. But it would be a shame, I think, to miss out on all the benefits that come from using THS.

I sometimes think it’s best to be part of a process and help change it from the inside. Then everyone, including you, will benefit.

I have gained more in value, than the problems caused by a currently bad system. And we all help each other out on the forum here, which is great.

I trust that if we gently press our views forward, then eventually more voices will make a difference.

And currently, while THS appear to rely on this community for addressing and providing solutions to each other, they may, over time start addressing these matters with a longer term perspective. In the long term it would save them time, money and losing members. In the short term I guess they are balancing commercial realities.

So let’s encourage THS to take a more forward looking view, with changing some of these unpopular policies and imbalances that do not serve any of us particularly well and ultimately cost them more work & potentially losing members. It will be win/win for them if they do.

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Here is another and potentially useful thread. Where THS are asking for feedback. As a dedicated team are going to look at these issues and are asking for our input.

So let’s use it everyone! THS are listening, so let’s use this opportunity to make some positive changes!

(I think the title of this thread needs to change, so we know better what it’s about…)