New pet sitter with some doubts / Soy nueva petsitter y tengo estas dudas

Hello everyone,
I wonder if you could help me with this question. I am new and I am looking for a House to sit :slight_smile:

There are two places to house-sit at the destination I’m looking into, and the dates they have posted fit my schedule perfectly. However, I can’t communicate with them because it says: Reviewing applications

  • What does this mean? Which other states exist?
  • Could I write to them about my availability?
  • Is there any way to contact some pet sitters who haven’t posted availability?

Thank you very much for your help.

Title edited to include English translation

Hello and welcome to the world of petsitting.

‘Reviewing’ means that the owner received 5 applications from other sitters. They will now check those five and only if they don’t like any of them, will the listing be reopened and will you and others have a chance to apply.

So to get a chance for specific countries/cities/dates, it’s important to set up ‘ssved searches’, so you get notified when a listing goes live and you can be among the first five to apply.

It is impossible to contact owners without applying. Owners can contact or invite sitters.

Hope that answers your questions?


Thank you very much for such a quick response. It’s greatly appreciated.

You’ve cleared up all the doubts I had.

Have a great day,