Newbie ? can you apply to house sits that are reviewing applications?

Hi, I hope to join Trusted housesitters and have been looking at some of the places we want to travel to before making my decision. While I realize my chances are lower than most since I would be a brand new member, I did see the PERFECT dates and location and wondered if you can still submit an application if the homeowner is reviewing applications.

I am super excited to learn more about this and hopefully do some sits in areas we go to regularly. We miss our pets when we travel and this seems like such a great way to combine our love of animals with travel. As a professional petsitter and dog walker, though I am a little nervous about applying for dog sits because in my work, I always do a meet and greet first and in my experience they can come with more surprises! :wink:

Thanks for any advice you have to share !

You are not able to submit an application if they are reviewing applications, that means they are reviewing and possibly interviewing a potential sitter.
Hope you join and enjoy it.

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i still have not figured out how to apply

Welcome @dinamo837 have you paid for your membership, completed your verification and created a profile ?


Once the application is ‘reviewing’ (which happens automatically when the HO receives 5 applicants) you can’t apply. However sits often do get reposted when the HO rejects some applicants, so it’s work keeping an eye out for that.

RE meeting dogs - it’s sometimes possible if the sit is nearby, I’ve done that. Otherwise it’s recommended always to have a video call with owners and ask detailed questions, so you can see if you’re a good match for each other. Nothing is foolproof of course but most owners are as keen to find the right person to care for their dog.

Good luck.

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It does work differently than a paid sit as there is not meet and greet before the sit is agreed to and confirmed. However, you can do a virtual meet and greet with the petparent as part of the application process and if you’re an experienced petsitter you should be able to find the red flags. Obviously, if you did a meet a greet as a dog walker and you walked into a home that smelled of dog urine and they homeowner told you there were never any accidents, you’d know immediately they were lying, and you won’t get that information in the video. However, you can also look at previous reviews by petsitters.


Hi, Yes, I have now ! And I figured out that when a sit is under review, no more applications are accepted.