What food do you leave for your house sitters?

Bri, what a wonderful welcome and very kind of you.
I must admit I clicked on your name to see if you had linked your listing as we are just over the border in BC :slight_smile:


Hi! We’re new to this. How do I link our listing? We are taking another trip in April/May.

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Hi, @Bri ,
@Snowbird posted this eariier, the instructions originally came from @Vanessa-ForumCMgr
These will tell you how to add the link to your listing to your forum profile.
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Hi @Bri welcome to our friendly community forum thank you for joining us from WA and a warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters to you and the whole family, Loki, Ali, Ariel & Lola. You live in a very special place the PNW has so much to offer, I’m sure all of the local produce will go down a treat … and just the thought of a soak in the tub after a day with your furry ones is enough to bring a sigh of relaxation.

You have made a wonderful impression here from all of the appreciative responses … thank you for your kind and considerate thoughts and deeds put in place to welcome your sitters it is always so appreciated.

We hope you have a great trip, do let us know how it went and enjoy connecting with our members here on the forum.

Angela and the team

I believe it is a give and take. As far as I am concerned they are free to use whatever there is in exchange of possible small things they might not like as much. So f


@Bri - love this! :heart:

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Thank you! That was really helpful!

We just left our first sit this morning, and the HO had offered, from the start, for us to help ourselves to anything except the freezer food. There were three prepackaged salads that expired during the stay, so they were eaten. Before we left, I bought duplicate fresh salads so that she would have a quick meal upon her return. She suggested we try the local private yacht club for dinner, and left her membership card for our use. I appreciated the recommendation, as we had enjoyed dinner there on Friday night. As a kind thank you, she insisted on paying for our meal.


Thank you @Joanne there’s nothing like the feeling of a successful first sit, thank you for sharing. We regularly hear of kind and thoughtful gestures between members, they always warm our hearts and remind us just what a special community we are part of.


As a homeowner, I don’t leave anything for my sitter unless it’s perishables (milk/eggs) and butter. I give them a warning a head of time that they need to buy their own personal care and food items. I give them recommendations for restaurants and there is also Instacart/Amazon Food Delivery for my apt/area

You expect people possibly from overseas, who might arrive by plane maybe later in the evening or at the weekend, to go shopping first? You don’t even provide coffee? What’s so bad (or expensive) about letting the sitter use spices, some dry goods like noodles, rice and flour? Even if it’s stated in the welcome guide I think it is nothing but the appreciation of the service they offer you to let them use some basics at least for the first days.
Nobody has to invite the sitter to free eating for the time of the sit, but basic cooking supplies aren’t that expensive. Where do you go with your own stuff in the kitchen while you are gone? Do you clear the closets?


I’m a very light cook, so I don’t have much in my cabinets anyway. I’m not a coffee drinker, so that’s that.

Of course, I appreciate the service, but please let’s make no mistake that this is an even exchange. Housesitters provide a service that I’m grateful for, but I’m providing free boarding with amenities. I make them an authorized guest of my building, so they have complimentary access to a gym, business center lounge, outdoor deck with firepits, a pool, and a media center with an extensive coffee/beverage maker.

I think all this makes up for not having rice in my pantry lol. I like to be very clear and transparent as a HO so there are no surprises. I actually do have this conversation with them before they accept. It’s free will. I obviously have had happy sitters who didn’t have an issue with this. Also, if they were staying at a hotel or hostel, it would be the same thing where they would need to provide their own food. The only difference is they are paying for lodging.

Every HO is different, but I don’t think there is any need for judgement or shaming. When it comes to things that are available or pet responsibilities, sitters can choose my place or not. They have a choice. No one is being forced or bamboozled at all.


Your transparency and straightforward approach is appreciated.
You have a very nice and clear listing of what you offer and what you expect.

Clear communication is key to find the right fit for all.

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Good policy. A pet owner doesn’t know the sitters eating habits and why leave food that may be wasted.

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And I for one, as a sitter, appreciate your honesty. It’s so good when the pet owner makes it abundantly clear what to expect. I wish more were like you. Some of the conversations I’ve had is like pulling teeth, slow and painful. They seem to calculate every word before they say it. Why not be completely honest about their dogs behaviour or the lack of water pressure in the shower.


@Catin88 I also agree that open communication, in all aspects of our lives, is the key to a harmonious relationship. Even more so, when strangers meet for the first time, as most all do in the process of pet sitting. Clear and concise instruction is welcome by any sitter who prides themselves on completing a successful sit. Food, and the preparation of such, is truly a personal choice. I find it’s just simpler to find my way in each situation, and be open to however the circumstances present themselves. I enjoy a good challenge and the opportunity to change things up as we go along. For me, cooking and being in the kitchen is highly overrated, at this point in my life :sunglasses:


Started a 2 week sit in Pleasantville, NY on Sunday with a year-old hound, 2 cats, a fish, and a ball python (who neighbors may feed next Sat or I may give it a try - defrosting a mouse and offering it with cooking tongs).
I got a full refrigerator with the message - eat anything you want and if things start to go bad, toss them, please. Lots of opened prep food - which is fine with me.


I’ve been house & pet sitting for years & started sitting through here about 5 months ago. I’ve always found that on a short sit (long weekend/week) owners have said ‘help yourself to tea, coffee’ and sometimes offer anything that’s in the fridge/other things. It’s always a nice welcoming gesture (and if I use something up like bread, eggs or milk, I always replace it for their return).

I just did a 4 day sit for a first time owner on here who didn’t offer me anything. I actually messaged to ask if I could have one of their coffee pods as I hadn’t bought any with me (because its always offered).

Have I just been lucky and do you guys always bring their own supplies of tea, coffee, cooking oil with you? Or should I mention to the owners that its a nice gesture & is usually expected to be offered?

When I get sitters, I usually get shopping in for them, I ask them what they like, bread, milk, and they can help themselves to anuthing in the fridge, freezer, cupboards, treat it as your own home when staying, and I bring gifts back too
You need to sit for me


Hi Jan24 - just be careful if you say “help yourself to anything”. 4 out of 5 sitters who we have had were respectful and sampled some of our home-produced meat & veg and I was delighted they had enjoyed it. The other sitter virtually emptied our chest freezer - my fault because I invited them to help themselves. Lesson learnt! I’m not sure how I will word it for the next sitter as I am more than happy they enjoy a limited amount.

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