What is Whisker Fatigue?

Whisker fatigue, also known as whisker stress or whisker exhaustion, is a condition that affects cats, primarily those with sensitive whiskers. Although it may seem like a minor issue, whisker fatigue can lead to discomfort and stress for your feline companion.


Thanks @Samox24 for posting this. I sat with some cats recently whose PPs used raised food and water bowls for this very reason. I’d never heard of whisker fatigue before, but they said one of their cats showed signs of it, so now all of their cats were benefiting from using raised bowls.

Wow. Who knew? Thanks for sharing that piece, @Samox24!

@Maggie8K you are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Samox24 , how interesting. I have seen cats ‘paw’ out food from their bowls before, I wonder if this could have been that?

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@botvot it’s certainly possible I think

Learn something new each and every day!

This is why all my cats have had food and water bowls with low edges… or bowls that are very wide.
(in some cases, it even works well to serve cats food on a small plate.)