Dribbles after Shower

Gertie loves to watch the dribbles after we sho

wer. Does anyone elses cat do this?


@KevSteve I don’t know about other cats doing this but it is so cute! I knew a cat that just LOVED to wash her paws in the facet water :joy:


I think it’s quite common. I’ve known a lot of cats who like drinking from a slow dripping tap and wait for you to turn it on


Ha! I adopted an elderly black cat who used to wait outside the shower for me to finish. He was completely camouflaged on the black bath mat (and I’m very short-sighted) so that was quite a surprise when I stepped out of the shower.

We compromised with a shallow dish that I encouraged him to believe was a puddle :wink:


My ex-boyfriend had a cat that did that very thing. She (her name was Miss Kittie) would rub her paw under the faucet to get it wet, then lick her paw to drink the water.


One of the cats I am currently sitting, is doing the same, but with her water bowl. Leaves behind a mess everytime. :smile:

The other cat prefers to drink out of my glass, as I found out this morning :laughing: Which is understandable, given the fact that the other cat is splashing around with her paw in the shared water bowl. :joy:


I’ve sat with many cats who love lightly running or dripping water from faucets.

We even sat at one house with a cat who drank water out of glasses and a dog who drank coffee out of my husband’s coffee cup!