What’s your top tip for new house sitters?

Yeah within 24 hours as OP indicated

Top tip for new house sitters?

Read the entire listing thoroughly before writing your application.


And don’t cut and paste from another application unless you proofread before sending! I had a recent applicant interested in sitting for my “dog”, mentioning that she would be bringing her dog and how much fun the two dogs would have playing together.

I only have a cat :woman_facepalming:

Reminds me of an Airbnb review I received. It was a shared apartment. I met the woman. “Katie and her husband were great guests! I would welcome them back anytime.” I’m not married and was traveling solo.

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Communication and asking as many questions as possible, especially about the pets. Going out of your way and above and beyond sets the pace for good reviews and making a good impression.

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