New - how to get first sit

Hi. I am new to THS and wondering best way to get first sit. I have applied to several but denied from each one. References are in. Guessing bc I do not have any reviews from prior sits?
Any advice on how to get the first sit would be greatly appreciated.

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There are some really good threads on here if you search. Someone cleverer than me might be able to link them here!

In short, go for local sits and less desirable sits (but only less desirable in the sense of more demanding animals - make sure the owner still seems nice and has a track record of leaving reviews).

If you can sit over Christmas there are tonnes available. Not sure where youre based but places like NYC and London are really hard to get sits in!

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Welcome @Pupsitter - we all had to start somewhere .

Several suggestions for getting your first sit are:

Apply for a local sit and offer to meet the homeowner and pets .

Apply for a last minute sit - homeowners will be very grateful.

Link your profile so forum members can make suggestions for improvements.

You can also read these threads for some more tips .

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Thank you for advice. I added my profile. If you have any advice, I would be greatly appreciative!

Hi @Pupsitter ! I think you accidentally forgot to click one more thing before copying your profile link.

When you get to your Dashboard, you will need one more click on “Preview your profile”. Once you’ve cliked that, you can copy the address.

@CatsAndDog - thanks for noticing. I have made that little fix to @Pupsitter profile.


You’re correct that not having any reviews is a problem. Try getting some local sits where you can meet the owner beforehand so they can see how you get on and get a feel for you before they need to decide. In your application let them know that you can visit them beforehand as you are local. Also try applying for last-minute sits that are easy to get to (driving distance) but that have no applications. They’re more likely to select someone with no reviews.

Hi Pupsitter, and welcome. When you are just starting out it feels like you’ll never get that first sit but don’t get discouraged. You have a lot of good advice here so the only thing I’ll add is that our first sit was for homeowners who chose us because we were new. They liked to give new sitters that first chance. I’m sure they aren’t the only ones. If you keep applying and polishing up your profile I’m sure you’ll be chosen one of these times. Cheers, Annie


Hi @Pupsitter and welcome to the forum!

You have three nice references but you can always add more. After you have your first review, they won’t be as important. It might also be nice to have photos of you with pets, although your pics are certainly fine as they are.

I would remove some of the text about cats. A cat owner will assume you have no experience and be hesitant to select you. Litter boxes are a given and gifts brought in by outdoor cats occasionally happen. If you want to take care of cats, accept these as a given without mentioning them

Here is another very helpful thread to read:

There is a high demand for sitters around the holidays. Keep applying, look for short sits, last minute sits and local sits, especially where you would be able to meet the owners beforehand. I predict you’ll be on your way soon!


Just look for a low application sit and that should work. You have photos of dogs, but almost none of them show you interacting with dogs. (I know I couldn’t find many of me interacting with dogs either! Just lots of photos of dogs!) If you can add one or two of those.

It’s tougher for dogowners to find sitters generally. I have cats and live in a competitive area for sitters. I probably would not choose you because even though you’d probably do fine, I look for people with lots of cat experience. However, if I were looking for dogsitter, I’d count your life experience and clear love of dogs. “Mature” sitters do well. You two look like you handle almost anything. You’ll do fine.

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