What To Do In Cambridge, England

Travel Talk 2022 … Travel Aspirations & Inspirations When Pet & House sitting

Where would you like to go in 2022 and where are some of your most memorable sit locations and some of the discoveries you’ve made?

Share the known and those amazing “unknown”

On the website blog you can discover places before you go … like Cambridge, England or we’ll take you to Oxford, Chicago, Brighton, England the home of THS, Arizona, Florida, Oregon …

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This is really nice and very well written. Thank you for sharing this.
Is there a way to subscribe to the blog that I am missing?
I actually feel that I am missing some great opportunities to read, write and share stories.
I had some wonderful unexpected experiences in Oxford while pet sitting.
So many places actually…
Thank you Auntie Angela.
I’d love to hear so much more about your travel experiences and what insight and lessons you have derived.

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Hi @Amparo do visit the website Blog regularly as there are great articles on many topics and member’s stories …


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