Brighton, England - seeking a home to sit

Hi from Brighton. I look forward to meeting some of you and your pets, traveling and being part of the community.

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H @fionawr - welcome to the group, We recently ended a string of sits in Brighton through the summer and had a great time. Brighton is popular on THS so you will always have listings to apply for. If you save Brighton as a search on the App it will notify you when new listings are posted = using the website does not notify you as quickly, good luck!

Thank very much Colin.

Hello @fionawr. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community forum. We’re glad you’re here. Thanks for jumping in and introducing yourself.

In addition to meeting people through pet sits, you might also be able to meet our community members through meet ups that are informally organized from time to time.

Another thing many new forum members do is to ask for feedback on their sitter profiles. I see you’ve already included a link to yours in your forum profile, so if you’d like, our members can take a look at it and offer tips and suggestions to fine tune it if needed.

Again, welcome to the forum.

Hi @fionawr and welcome to the Forum. I assumed you meant Brighton, England, especially when Colin responded and now you have added your profile. It’s a good idea to add your country where this is a worldwide site. I’m actually doing my Christmas/New Year sit in Brighton too - but many miles away in Melbourne, Australia!


There is also a Brighton in Tasmania and in Colorado and in many other places around the world…but my hometown of Brighton, UK is the original, biggest & most famous!:rofl:
Happy housesitting in Brighton!

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