Anyone else discovered the app what3words? Download to your phone and you can associate a precise location to a unique 3 word phrase. Down to a 3 sq meter place.
I learned about it when someone who has one of those named, but not numbered houses in the UK sent me directions for a sit. You enter the 3 words into the app and can then use the exact location to transfer to google maps or waze. Pretty neat! Its free for apple and android OS.


I’ve not used what3words yet, but I used to live in one of ‘those’ houses (common in rural areas - I lived in Somerset for 20 years). Many years ago, my friend decided to test the postman by sending me a letter which omitted the house name but gave directions: “Go past the church, go down the hill, take the first left turn, it’s the house on the right, sideways to the road, with a green door”. Poor postman :rofl:

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yes! several of us have posted about it on here… and the ted talk that introduces it is amazing and worth a watch!

I have the app and played with it a little in the past. Have you used it? Is it pretty easy?


Watched the Ted Talk, thanks.
And I used it to find the sit in Longdon, near Tewksbury - took me right to the house - w3w to waze.


The latest W3W commercial on TV is a hoot! I downloaded this a long time ago - as I tend to do lengthy dog walks using my OS maps app - and if i ever fell down a ravine or broke my ankle somewhere or (god forbid but almost happened) - charged by cows, I would need this ability to tell the first responders where I was located.

SO EASY!! it’s even accessible by my Fitbit, so I could tell you exactly where I am sitting, instantly with just three words.

the only thing that is tricky is that plurals “count” so you have to pay attention:

item.bank.rental is NOT items.banks.rentals

what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location is not the same as what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location

My favorite is what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location



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Normally the squares with very similar what3words addresses are in completely different parts of the world so it should be really obvious if you input the wrong one.

Has anyone found a really appropriate W3W address? I am a swimming teacher and the address for part of the pool I work in contains “employ” and “swim”.


Use it all the time. And we have converted some home owners as well, especially those who live way out in the country and roads have no names.

Thank you. I’ll have to play around with it.

Definitely worth highlighting again. Allows HO to easily direct sitters to the house. Reduces stress and wasted time looking for house names in rural locations or where postcodes don’t work that well. Also useful for the emergency services if they need to get somewhere fast.

Download the app to your phone and you can easily pinpoint anywhere in the world.

I just used it to find a trail head in Somerset. It worked brilliantly.

Led me to the back fence of the 11 acre wooded lot that the house is on. But I think that is more a function of google maps/waze problems and the fact that the community is a private road!