Maps and directions

I normally do countryside sits and sometimes they are very difficult to find down narrow lanes and crossroads without signposts. Even if I get directions and/or coordinates it can be very tricky with Google or Apple maps.

I always ask them to give me What3words. Some already use it, some have heard of it but haven’t tried it and for some it’s new.

There is no better navigational tool than what3words. It divides the world into one-metre squares so you can get to the front door.

What does everyone else use for remote and countryside sits?


So far Google Maps has been spot on in finding my sits down Devon and Welsh country lanes with the added bonus of excellent directions from owners @The_welsh_one and I’m an international sitter.

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I’ve not had a problem so far and, normally, if hard to find the owners will let you know good directions either in the Welcome Guide or by emailing you directly. As we say a lot here on the forum, it’s all about communication, you just have to ask the owners.
Since being introduced to a fantastic app by an American THS sitter last year I’ve been using that, not so much for getting me to a sit but it shows so much more detail than google maps (I’ve never used Apple Maps). It’s MAPS.ME and I only use the free part. It clearly shows walking and cycling routes, even in parks so is very useful when dog walking or exploring. I highly recommend it.


I’ve used Google Maps, MapsMe and GPS systems to find places all over the world.
With most GPS systems (including Google, TomTom, etc) you have the option of entering map coordinates and that’s something many home owners in remote areas offer up. It pinpoints within a few feet where you’re trying to find.

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The coordinates are also very useful for finding your car in a big parking lot—as long as you remember to save them when you park.

W3W is amazing. Introduced to me when I did a country side sit near Tewkesbury in the UK. Follow their blog because it is being used around the world for some significant good works.