What's the biggest dog you've Sat for?

Great Swiss Mountain Dog. 150 lbs. Brother to a bitty princess who weighed 10 lb!


Ted wasn’t huge by looking at the dogs above, but he was the biggest and absolutely the best buddy I have sat for. He’s a Pitt bull/German shorthair mix. Weighing in att 85 lbs, this well behaved sweet dog with separation anxiety, was my constant companion for 2 weeks in Alaska. We took a road trip to the Kenai Peninsula and spent a night in an Air BnB retro trailer. Loved that boy!``


Aww Ted looks absolutely adorable! thats a great photo - it oozes out fun relaxing time, sunshine, caravan, looks a great adventure with Ted !


Thanks. That was my first petsit with TH. I took it because 1) I’ve always wanted to explore Alaska and 2) I had developed a fear of Pitt bulls after getting a nasty bite on the back of my thigh years before, and wanted to rid myself of a fear reaction to that breed or mix. Ted was the perfect antidote. That photo is framed and hangs in my kitchen reminding me of that special adventure and transformation.


Wow! That’s a big pup.

We sat for an Irish Wolfhound (in Ireland!) and she was a “runt” although still really tall.

Then a ridgeback in Johannesburg. He was a big boy.


Love Wolfhounds, never sat for one but a neighbour once had one. We’ve sat for 2 ridgebacks in Spain, dont they have wonderful characteristics, very gentle and loving, very loyal. Aww all dogs are adorable are’nt they !


I’ve met a few I didn’t like, but no fault of their own, tbh. :slight_smile:
Not such a fan of the puggle - an appetite that is aided by their tremendous sense of smell. Made walks through London difficult with her grabbing EVERYthing from entire bagels to chicken wings. And stubborn enough to almost choke on it trying to get it down before I could stop her. hahahaha.

Great cuddles though. :slight_smile:

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