Where are you sitting this Holiday?

We have just started our Christmas sit today in Quito, Ecuador. They left us in charge of two gorgeous dogs, a tankful of fish and this view.
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Think it’s going to be a very happy holiday for us.


Wow, Quito! I have been there only once, for a few hours. We flew from there to the Galapagos! Will you do that, too? Even if you can’t find a sit there, I think it’d be worth it. Lots of wildlife even just on Santa Cruz.


I spent last Christmas in Quito, a very dramatic Christmas I may add due to the most severe case of altitude sickness I developed (entirely my own fault) and consequently became incapacitated during my entire 1.5-month stay AND the aftermath of which I am paying for to this day. Iow, I am not fully recovered.

Take it very very very easy during the first few days.

This year my Christmas sit is not more than 15 m above the sea … in humid Singapore. :wink:


We have just spent a week in The Galapagos. A once in a lifetime experience and it was everything we ever hoped for. Visited the three main islands. Isabella was my favourite.

Not my pictures but taken on my hubbies snorkelling trip. I just walked and cycled for miles.


Wow, that looks beautiful. Enjoy.
We have been here for a couple of weeks already. The first few days I had dizzy spells and had to walk very slowly but now I seem to be used to it.

@RadarInc I’m sorry to hear you’re still feeling the effects of altitude sickness. In the past several years I’ve begun being more sensitive to altitude. I would love to learn what you, and others, might do differently, or to get over altitude sickness, so I created a topic on it. If you feel so inclined, I’d love it if you would share your hard-earned advice there (but understand if you’d rather not.) Here’s the topic:

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Christmas and NYE in Arizona, then on to Washington state for about 10 days in January. Both are locations we love and amazing pets.


Christmas in NYC with one cat I’m very much looking forward to meeting. And to make it even better I’ll be able to spend Christmas day and time in the city with family.


Christmas in NYC must be a dream. Any shows booked?

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Not yet. I’m going to wing it with TKTS Booth since I’m staying close by.

Australian sit no 3 starting tomorrow in Sydney through until January 5th, should be able to see the NY fireworks from the veranda. We’ve had a week break from sitting and are now more than keen to get our pet fix again. :grin:


I’m in Oxford looking after two cats for my sister in law while she holidays in southern Spain with her sister. It’s been much colder in UK but some sunny days and milder weather has meant I have been exploring the beautiful city.


I will be in Marbella untill 5th. Jan with

my good friend Tiger


I’m currently sitting this little teddy bear in San Diego, CA.
He is the cuddliest good boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:


All of our pet members are special but Casey is just the best … @Julie-Moderator please give him a big cuddle from his Auntie Angela :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We are sitting near Palma on the island of Mallorca, Spain for the holidays. It’s currently 90 degrees warmer than “back home” in Montana.


Yes, the whole of the US and most of Canada are getting hit but this huge Artic storm. Better off in Spain. Enjoy.


We are enjoying a peaceful few days in Bristol over Christmas with these snuggle fluff balls.


I’ve got a 3-week round trip from home in Scotland to the Northumberland coast (where I am now with Elvis and Ziggy as of this evening), then Buckingham, Oxford and East Yorkshire before heading back home.


As of the 29th I’ll be cat sitting in Reno, Nevada for two months. Currently I’m spending Christmas with long time dear friend’s on the central coast in California.