Where are you sitting this Holiday?

My purr niece Lucy aka Goosifer is busy marking and investigating my things. I’m spending Christmas with a long time friend. Here she is marking her Mom’s purse.


We are housesitting in Le Marche, Italy where it is chilly (but that’s relative!) and the countryside is beautiful. Two cats, three dogs, and seven chickens are filling our stay full with animal love. It’s exactly what we needed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sounds and looks great. Have a fantastic time.


I’m spending the holidays in Washington DC with these two cuties. Two plays at the Kennedy Center, many museum visits - and, MUCH colder than this Florida woman expected. Happy Holidays everyone.


One of my favourite cities. The National Mall must be great fun at this time of year. Wrap up warm.

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I’m in sunny and warm, dare I say hot, Los Angeles and having fun with 2 very spirited doggies ! Happy Holidays to All!


We are in Sunny San Diego happy to be missing the arctic blast back home in Rochester, NY! We have one very well behaved black lab - we head to Los Angeles after this sit then 3 weeks free in January we are still trying to fill with a warm place…if anyone has a need…


Greetings beautiful happy people.
I am home and pet sitting, expanding my circle of friends and family in a barrio (small town) outside of Montevideo, Uruguay.
My hosts have been most gracious and invited me several times now to various gatherings and places so that I may familiarize myself and integrate into the local culture.
Last night we celebrated at the private residence of a family member where the entire family was gathered except for one. The daughter of my HO is also a full time sitter with THS and is currently in London where my peeps are traveling to!
It is a magical, incredibly wonderful world and I wish you all, wherever you are a joyful, peaceful experience.
We are resting at the moment as we ate, drank, danced, ate, drank, danced on the lawn till 4am and well, why not go again tonight? :stuck_out_tongue:
Merry Christmas!


Would love to have been at that party @Amparo … thank you for sharing your wonderful life and taking us along … Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Rest well my friend … cannot wait for the next instalment when you’ve rested and have your mojo back, :blush:


We are in Singapore with these two little cuties!


Made sure Santa Paws stopped by to spoil sweet Casey. He got a new squeaky toy and fancy bow tie. Happy PAWlidays everyone!


My people just left for their 3 week holiday to the UK after a second round of festivities with family and friends. My HO brother-in-law was the chef On the parillero where he demonstrated and explained in great detail the history, traditions, preparation and detailed explanations of the entire process. He also allowed me to film it and gave me permission to use it as I wish. He was in fact actually thrilled to do so.
This was an absolute treasure of an experience that I felt honored to document. All of my senses were activated in this process that seemed to last the entire day. As I said before, normally I am not a meat eater but this was something steeped in rich history, culture and an absolute moment too full of new experience to miss. In the moments I felt I needed to pause, it was A lot, I could see disappointment so I tried everything and ate things (ok animal parts :face_with_peeking_eye:) I never heard of. Talk about gastronomic experiences, there was nothing I did not enjoy.
Alcohol beverages also made themselves available from sherry, cognac, beer, wine and you guessed it Scottish whiskey!
Desserts? Could be a while other post.
Everyone brought something. And yes we had lots of veg, lots.
I have never had such an experience. Everyone made me feel welcome. Hugging and kissing here is not optional either. No one is a stranger.

Again, I wish you all a life of experiences rich in all the wonder available to you.

Amparo “Bourdain” in beautiful Uruguay.

Oh, I have been instructed to clean out the fridge.
Two of them, fully loaded with traditional Uruguayan foods, desserts and very unusual ice creams! Passion fruit? :face_with_peeking_eye::woman_shrugging:t2::uruguay:


You are welcome anytime @Angela-HeadOfCommunity
Maybe the party will be in my own home next year.

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@Cheri thanks for your advice. We moved your post so it can be part of an existing conversation on altitude sickness here: Advice about altitude sickness please Thank you.

Just arrived at my post christmas holiday sit for the next two months in Reno hanging with these two purrfect cuties. Cold and beginning to snow here, yet hunkered down in a cozy place . Ho bought me a bottle wine which I’ll open on New Year’s eve. Grateful for this charming sit and also nice to have family in this area. I hope eveyone had a lovely Christmas.

Happy New Year!:paw_prints::cat::black_cat::champagne:


Into our 3rd of 5-month cat & bunny sit in Ocean Park, Washington USA.


@Cheri such beautiful markings and looks so relaxed. Wow 5 months, I hope that you are having an amazing time :heart_eyes_cat: