Where do I say no pets or children in addition to the sitter?

Hi, I’m new here. I just listed my home and was surprised that the sitters told me they are coming with their own pets and children. Is this normal? Where do I say no pets/children in my listing? I didn’t know I had to specify. I just want a sitter or sitters if they are a couple.

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You can add it to the text, either in the intro or “Home” description. You could say, for example. “sorry but my house is not suitable for more than 2 people (no children) and I can only consider those traveling without pets”

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It’s important to include that in your introductory section to weed out those traveling with pets or children. If you eat, you can include a reason(dog doesn’t get along with other pets in the house, house isn’t childproof, etc), but it isn’t necessary.
Dan and Nan

You can add it into your listing wherever it makes sense. I don’t accept sitters with children either, and just added the following to the home & location section:

"We don’t feel comfortable hosting children, we don’t have children ourselves and would be too worried about their safety. If you have a friendly dog that you would like to bring, that can be discussed. "

@PixieChloe We list this in the “Responsibilities” section. We give each item its own line in order to catch the eye of a sitter doing a quick read. This is what’s in our listing:

"Do not bring other animals into our home.

This sit is not suitable for children. "

If they apply and say they’re bringing children and/or animals, we decline their application and in our message, cite this section in our listing.