Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hi @desousaemma We just had a success story today from someone who had forum members review their listing and they tweaked theirs and success! I’ll add some links that may help you.

How to add your listing to your forum username/profile

Sitter/owner ratios - includes Angela’s 10 helpful tips

Top tips that keep being repeated on the forum by sitters:

  • make sure you have clear photos of the living areas the sitter will be using - living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
  • only tag ‘sitters need a car’ if it’s essential, rather than ideal
  • give options for public transit and services (Uber, grocery deliveries) so they can decide if they can be without a car
  • set clear details (time/distance) on nearest services/shops
  • set clear details of how often (time/distance) pets are walked
  • set clear details on how long a pet can be left alone

Forum members are happy to give constructive feedback to help you succeed - after all, it’s in their best interests too! :smiley:

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