Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hello @LSM25 and welcome to the forum. Most sitters feel the same way as you, about wanting to see the areas they will use. With time homeowners are adjusting their listings to add these photos. Some listings for homeowners who have been THS members for years still have some catching up to do though.

As you are new to the forum, I’ll just mention that when you use the green reply button at the bottom, you are replying to the person who first created the post. If you want to reply to a particular entry in the post - often a more recent one - click the grey reply button at the bottom of that entry. I’m taking this opportunity to mention it to help all newer members. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Move the photos of your dog to the front and fewer photos of yourselves. People look for a pet that interests them (he looks lovely), plus nice kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Good luck!

We’ve used TH many times now with fantastic results. Until recently, we would receive 12-14 applications within a day or two of posting our listing. All of a sudden the last two times I’ve posted dates I’ve gotten only one or two applications in total. I’m so confused about this sudden decrease and wondering if anyone has any ideas why.

We have all 5-star reviews from our sitters.
We have a beautiful home in a desirable area to visit (San Francisco Bay Area)
We had no problems finding sitters during the pandemic once we started traveling again, so that’s not the issue


Hi @WanderlustInCA and welcome to our community forum. It’s a topic that’s been widely discussed over the past month or so, and for that reason I’m moving your question to the most active thread where you’ll find lots of discussion on this.

There have been a lot of new owners joining due to the high uptake of pets through the pandemic, while conversely sitters are displaying different patterns of travel with more caution because of restrictions. But… have a read and also take note of the suggestions from Angela that might help you attract more applications. I do believe slowly things will realign themselves again, and the wider team are taking ongoing actions to help redress the balance as quickly as possible.

All the best, Vanessa and the forum team

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I am ignoring all listings in California because it doesn’t make sense right now to spend $$$ on gas to get there and take the risk of crime, especially someplace like SF or LA where I’d likely have to leave my car with many of my belongings in it in street parking some or all of the time. It’s too bad for homeowners like you, but might be nothing personal.

Welcome to the forum @WanderlustInCA. If you use the magnify glass and search key words you can find lots of relevant posts relating to how things have changed over the past two years. Currently there are complex world events causing constant change and we are all - owners & sitters - having to adjust. What worked yesterday may still need tweaking today.

I would suggest you embed a copy of your listing into your forum username/profile. Sometimes constructive feedback, or just the added exposure to members, can make all the difference. Here are the instructions:
How to add your listing to your forum profile

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Hi @ozymandyas your sit looks great. I suggest you add any information/support that can help a sitter save on transport costs. As someone said above, hire cars are not an option at present due to their high cost and anyone driving to your sit in their car will have high fuel costs. If you can supply a car then advertise this. You have explained where the nearest public tranport is but do you have any advice on how the sitter can get cheap fares? Do you have an Oyster Card they can use for instance, as an incentive. Can you offer to collect the sitter from the airport or station as they will have all their luggage. These type of sweetners will result in more applications. It’s tough times right now for everyone!

After being totally despondent about not being able to find a sitter I now have someone booked for my month in March. Thank you to the lady who suggested posting early as that has paid off. Although I had interest for my December dates I am having a friend looking after my cats. I’m really happy that I can now book my holiday!


That’s great to learn @CambridgeAnnie. You can now enjoy both your December and March holidays and your cats will be happy too.

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Hello @Kelownagurl : I’m very curious about that as I’ve never seen this flag : where doest it appear ?

Thank you

Can’t remember off the top of my head but I believe there is a red icon or something by my name in the top right hand corner that tells me I have a new message on the THS website. I’ll have to confirm the next time a home owner sends me a THS message.

@Kelownagurl Thank you for your answer.
I recently missed and invitation as it seems I didn’t received (or missed) the notification and was very shamed not answering in a reasonable delay when I discovered it days later… I mainly use the App on my I phone and some functions are clearly not working (the map is not working at all for example).
Thank you

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I definitely get pinged and notified on my phone. Maybe you have notifications turned off?

I think I probably missed the notification : it is turned on though.
And I was surprised no to see it.
But just now : I just realize that the bell in the top right corner of the “message” page of my profile is red when I haven’t clear / read all the messages… I’ve never realized this bell could be grey !!! So this may be the “flag” you were talking about which was a bell in deed !
Thank you anyway for your message which makes me realize that !

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Yes, that’s the one! A red bell.

Am I the only one who thinks of this song every time I see the title of the OP?
Where have all the flowers gone?


Hi, We joined this site about six weeks ago looking for a sitter to come to Worthing to keep are dog Herbie & cat Teddy company for a few weeks whilst we’re away however, we haven’t had any responses and its getting pretty close to are departure date (30th June) so getting abit worried. We have a sweet house & lovely garden with a wild pond full of fish, frogs & newts & we are only a short drive or bus ride to the town centre, seaside, or beautiful countryside.

Could the reason be because Herbie (dog) is a English bull terrier & not everyone likes that breed? he really is the most sweetest boy and just loves cuddles & company although fine being left on his own for a few hours. Karn, Brandon, Herbie & Ted

Hi @Karn and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. I have taken a look at your listing, and suggest you take a look at this post: How to create the perfect listing

Having just viewed it quickly, I’d suggest:

  • Change your headline to mention whatever is the key feature of your sit. What you have currently we already know from what is shown when a sitter searches.
  • Change your first photo. Sitters are often drawn in by cute pet photos, so I would put the photo of both pets together as your first photo. By the way, your dog breed is unlikely to be the cause of no applicants.
  • As you’ve shown ‘family friendly’, you should indicate how many beds and the size of the beds, so that families can make sure they are a fit.
  • You need more details of the needs and routines of your pets. For example, is your cat indoors only? How much of a walk (time/distance/frequency) is usual for your dog? How long (hours) can they be left alone, and do they need to then be separated? Sitters need to assess whether they are a fit for your pets’ needs.

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Thanks so much. This was extremely helpful, as were various general suggestions I read in the forums. We got several new applications within a day of making some of the changes and are all set for our sits!

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I have used THS a number of times over the years, and had 8 succesful sitters. However, my dates that I have posted for July this year have so far generalted no applicants at all! I have contacted a number of more local sitters directly, with no luck too. Any suggestions welcome. My dates are in July and my listing is in my forum profile.
Many thanks for your help, and suggestions

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