Why do people post opportunists with no housing offered?

I truly don’t understand why people post listings that say “you don’t need to stay at my house/apartment just stop by twice/thrice a day”. As a sitter, it just comes across as a way to extort free labor out of people. In my understanding, the sitters are not paid because they are benefiting from the free housing and the owners are benefiting from the free pet sitting. Do these people pay the sitters? Has anyone taken one of these opportunities?

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@Jacklynn this is actually not allowed through TrustedHousesitters and when we come across these we automatically reach out to them and advise

Wondering if you saw the same “offer” as I did yesterday evening. :smiley: The one I saw was only for a few days on a remote island that I know well, but that is very difficult to get to. The listing said just to feed the pets, no need to stay over - but there is a spare room if the pet-carer wants to. How inviting! . . . Needless to say, last time I looked, the sit was still sitting with zero applicants. I did wonder why they couldn’t just get a neighbour to feed the pets or even pay for a local pet-carer (unlinked to THS) to feed them.

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I’ve seen two of those sits just today! I guess people don’t read the THS rues and don’t realize that this isn’t permitted.


By specifying it’s a Unique Sit that is surely okay? :laughing: Just kidding, of course.

As @Debbie-Moderator has indicated with her reply these sit conditions are against Trustedhousesitters listing guidelines. Day visits, drop in etc., are not allowed and unless the pet parent/owner requires in home, 24/7 care of at least 24 hours, with an overnight stay, the listing will be rejected.

Some members will advise the Forum Admins or the Membership Services Team when they come across a listing which does not comply with listing guidelines, however this is not expected but is certainly appreciated.

We will close this thread now that the question has been answered.

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