Petsitter requests me for money for food and transport

My potential petsitter has requested if i could give her money for food and transport for the whole duration of her stay. There is a supermarket 80 meters from me and a bakery about 10 meters from where i live.
Is this something new that ive missed?

Pls advise.
TY elsa,

It’s against THS terms for sitters to ask for money. Plus, hosts aren’t obligated to provide food or transportation.

If you want to report her to membership services, that would be within your rights.


I would politely say no. We fully expect to buy all our food and drink for the duration of the stay, and I’m sure 99% of sitters will agree.


You haven’t missed anything. Their request is against THS rules.
Even if they accept that no expenses are paid by the homeowner I would still look for another sitter.


That is definitely not something a HO is expected to pay for. Perhaps this person is new to all of this and doesn’t really understand how it works, and I could see maybe asking about transportation costs. But the food thing makes me suspect they are trying to take advantage or their financial situation doesn’t allow them to cover even these most basic expenses. It is probably in your best interest to find someone else even if they were to agree to cover these costs.


Ok, thank you for yr reply. Understood totally.

Ok. thank you for yr quick reply. I shall follow suit.

Was this a sitter that you had sent an invitation?

Welcome @longlegs1 is this a new sitter with no previous reviews ?

I notice you say” potential” sitter, hopefully you have not already confirmed the sit on the THS platform with them . In which case, I’d recommend that you decline their application. Was this someone who applied o your listing or someone you sent an invitation to ? In either case you are certainly not expected to provide them with money for food !


Yes, i have declined this sit. She even told me that on her other sits, she was given money. Out of curiosity i asked how much should i give her? she asked for 200 euro for two weeks. That was scary.

This sit has been declined. Thank you very much.


No, she answered to my petsit.

Welcome @longlegs1.
No you’re not missing anything. It’s not allowed for a sitter to ask for money. You can report them to support.
I’m sorry there are such sitters on the site. I recently had a conversation with a HO I’d sat for about the same thing from a potential sitter.


I think you should report her to support @longlegs1 especially as she’s been doing it to other HOs. Gives sitters a bad name and is totally against the ethos of THS :flushed:


It sounds like you are in a city where things are within convenient walking distance. You should have no trouble finding a sitter who considers this a fair exchange without money and appreciates everything you do to make the sit feel like home.


When you sign up for a platform like THS, you’re responsible for reading and following the rules. If you can’t do that, then getting reported means someone can read them to you, so you can follow them.

Plus, getting reported can help put sketchy people on notice. Even if it’s their first offense, THS can note it, so if it happens again, there’s a record of previously crossing lines. When it comes to asking anyone for money, that’s even more important. Sketchy people count on those who don’t report them.


@longlegs1 you have a

That sounds like my kind of sit . I am sure you’ll have no trouble in finding a sitter who will not expect any kind of payment.


On the contrary. I have a small farmers mini mart about 100 meters from my home and a padaria just up my road. There is a bus stop about 50 meters outside my gate. That bus takes her into Caldas town.

I m trying to find the “support” where i can notify about this petsitter. Pls guide me.

Thank u so much.

Regards, Elsa

Kindly guide me thru to report this petsitter. I ve been guided to a Frankie, AI. He s not much ch of a help.

@longlegs1 , tell Frankie you want to speak with a live person. Repeat if necessary. You can also send an email to
Good luck.

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