Potential sitter asking for $$

Hello all: I have not posted here before, but have using TH for several years now. I recently posted for a new sit, and received an application that seemed good. it was from a single man, who had several good reviews. He works during the day and said he could be away for as much as 5 hours per day ( not necessarily a problem) . However at the end of his e mail, he said if the dogs(2) needed more attention, he would be willing to discuss.
I have never had this request and am a bit put off. All advice welcome.

I’d refer the messages to THS support and pick someone else for your sit. Soliciting pay is totally against the THS rules and you should never be put in a situation where you’re made to feel uncomfortable. :slightly_frowning_face:

@Mgilm87408 did he actually ask for money or was he just saying he could spend more time if it was necessary? I am a bit confused.


That doesn’t sound like he was asking for payment. Is there a word or two missing?

I’ve definitely been on sits where the work load crossed a line, as in the PPs should have budgeted for doggie day care and dog walking at least a few times per week. They did so when they were home…


Did he say exactly what the attention would be (grooming, training etc.) or give a price? That sounds incredibly shady and I would decline his application. I’d also notify THS staff. So sorry you had to deal with that. I’m sure 99.8% of sitters would not come up with that kind of request. You just lucked into a bad apple.


I don’t quite understand your heading as you don’t say he’s asked for money, just that he’d be willing to discuss if your dogs need more attention……


Me too, unclear

Sounds more like he was saying he could be flexible with time being at home with animals.
Unless there is more, It merits more discussion.


Thank you all for responding. While he didn’t ask for an amount, he suggested that we could negotiate a price if my dogs needed special attention. I will decline the application, as the request does not sit well with me


Hi @Mgilm87408
Please do always bring this to the attention of support@trustedhousesitters.com so they can look into the sitter as this is strictly against the code of conduct. Thanks so much.

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Maybe discussing about the dogs needs?, it doesn’t sound like he was asking for money. Sometimes you have to deal with a large or not very friendly dog and giving their medicine is not easy, or about any other kind of “attention” that the dogs need. I think it’s always best to clear out things.

I’ve read your question three times now. Where does it say he was asking for money? Am I missing something?

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It isn’t clear from the original post, but she clarified in a reply above.

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Good to see you back again @PandAonTour – just popping this here so that later contributors can see the comment as mentioned by Lassie, that clarifies re the payment.


I just got an applicant who knew our prior long stay had been canceled leaving us in a bind on short notice. During the vetting call, they ask me for the car even though it wasn’t offered in the listing. I let that pass even though I thought it was pushy. Since they are local we decided to meet and see if they were a good fit, wherein they outright asked for compensation. I’m glad this post is here because I wasn’t sure if this was acceptable. I’ve only hosted one other house sitter who was fabulous, now I just feel weird about leaving the house since they’ve been inside.

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Totally out of order @JulianaAustin and breaking all THS rules. Report them immediately to membership services :raised_hands:t3:


Yes, report them.

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Hi @JulianaAustin I’m sorry you had this experience and yes you need to bring their behavior to the attention of the Membership Services Team and also please Direct Message the information to me.

The Membership Services Team can be reached via email at support@trustedhousesitters.com

@Cuttlefish & @andrealovesanimals thanks for supporting.

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This situation is so frustrating! It stains all the efforts made by honest people trying to do the right thing. No wonder people are skeptical and paranoid!