Payment to housesitter

I have had a couple of THS sitters asking for payment. I believe this is against the ethos of THS - am I correct?

Hi @afewbrown
I have messaged you privately for details. Any sitter that asks for payment is in violation of the code of conduct. TrustedHousesitters takes this seriously and will investigate the sitter.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Best wishes

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Yes, THS doesn’t allow that and there are plenty of commercial sites where sitters can offer their service for a fee.

I am aware of a sitter (who sat in our neighborhood) who used THS to get a few initial sits (at different homes) and then converted those (on later sits) to paying gigs. I think the HOs involved may have subsequently not renewed their THS memberships. I’m not sure whether this violates THS’s terms, but it’s probably not great for business, I imagine it’s an area that probably both undetectable and unenforceable. I’m just bringing to your attention to raise awareness of that MO, perhaps there are enticements to offer to help reduce that. I don’t know why the HOs would have gone for that unless they really liked her services and/or they had emergency situations.


@BruceT Thank you.
This is an unfortunate situation, and this is often out of our control. This is where we do rely on members informing us if payment is asked, so we can then clamp down quickly. Should a sitter or homeowner leave because they want to receive payment or prepared to pay, will be their own choice. Going forward, the price they have to pay is for a sitter/homeowner, to not receive reviews/feedback, but this then again may not be important to them.
However, It is sad when you hear about people who use and abuse any service without conscious.

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Just a quick reminder:

Homeowners, please let us know if a TrustedHousesitters sitter asks you for payment for their pet sitting services. Whether it be in the initial back-and-forth, or when they arrive. At TrustedHousesitters we believe in a mutual exchange where what is exchanged is love and care for your pets and home, and a place to stay for your sitter.

If you come across anyone who’s trying to work under a pay-for-service model on our platform, we would appreciate knowing about it/them. Thanks.


What exactly will TH do though? I spoke with a HO who told me about a sitter who confirmed the sit and then a few days before it was to start asked to be paid otherwise she would cancel. The HO declined her request, scrambled to get a last-minute sitter, and contacted TH. The HO checks occasionally and that sitter is still actively sitting through TH, likely still demanding money, so they’re fairly disappointed in the lack of any consequences.


Surely the HS should be removed as a member immediately?!


That’s almost extortion, so sad. There are tons of commercial platforms out there, most of them even without a subscription fee.

@Therese-Moderator can you give us a glimpse into what is done when a homeowner reports that a sitter asked for payment after the sit was already confirmed?

In a case like this. If the Homeowner can contact us immediately, so we can email the sitter, and remind them this is against our Code of Conduct. We also advise that homeowners should not consider paying the sitters.
We give the sitter a first and final warning, that they are not allowed to ask for payment in any form. If we find they continue to ask for payment, they are immediately suspended. We have an internal behaviour log, which will document this.
@meow I am sorry to hear about the last minute scramble of a homeowner who had to cancel and find last minute sitters. I can imagine it being a stressful situation.
if your homeowner believes this sitter may still be charging, please do ask her to email membership services so we can double check on this. We do rely on our members to help us. Always much appreciated.